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I have been working night shift for a few nights this week far from home in County Durham and hats off to you folks that do this full time because I do not know how you manage with it at all. Night shift is so foreign to my body I don’t know whether I am coming or going. I have averaged three hours sleep per day over the last three days with my system refusing to believe that it was a good idea being awake at those odd times at all.
I awoke to my alarm at around midnight or last night or this morning whatever you want to call it and set out to teach two classroom sessions about four hours long each. Then I had the pleasure of driving home back to Nottingham straight afterwards but by the time I had finished up at work this end and got home it as around 2pm. I just wanted to go to sleep there and then I am shattered and as soon as my body realised we were home rather than in a hotel it relaxed big style! Problem is I have to be up at 5am to get to work for another day of training so I need to push through to at least 8pm before letting sleep take me in a massive way to it’s relaxing black void.
So out came the coffee along with any small chores I could find in the house but it was when I looked out of the window I remembered that I had had a couple of deliveries while I was away for the 110 and they were in it waiting for me to have a look at them.

There were a pair of door bottoms bought off of a friend that were in pretty good condition needing just a little work doing to get them bang on right because I am seriously considering putting the correct military style doors back on the 110 rather than the updated Defender type doors it has on at the moment. Happy with that I set to opening the massive cardboard box that ran the length of the 110’s rear and as expected it held the new rear third chassis I had ordered and it is in perfect condition with no dents from delivery which was nice! I don’t know why folks always knock Britpart I have never had a problem with their bits to date and the chassis is made well enough for the price painted well to boot. I will of course treat it again anyway for rust prevention to maximise it’s life while I slowly save up for a galv chassis and new bulkhead for the 110’s next reincarnation in a few years time.

That done I decided to start the engine up and run it to temperature pulling through the injection cleaner along with the fuel. I must change the oil and filter soon and while I have the front end off as access will be so much easier as well as hopefully reducing some of the smoke from start up. The oil is as black as night and who knows when it was last changed on the old boy!
I had a bit of a tidy up and looked at what welding needed to be done but it started to rain along with the fact I can barely keep my eyes open so I decided that that was probably just asking for trouble and headed back indoors to stick on another pot of coffee.
The weather looks a bit pants for the weekend again but I am hoping for a few hours of dry at some point so I can crack on with the welding that needs doing on the driverside of the bulkhead.
Or maybe I will just sleep….

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