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What’s your first memory? I mean the real first memory not the one you wish it could be or the memory of a photo that you have been shown from your very early life. I literally remember becoming self aware one morning in my bedroom, I lay there looking around knowing who I was that I was safe but I could not recall anything from the day before. I knew that there was a yesterday but what I did or why I did it I had no idea and try as hard as I could nothing would come forth from my memory. Then my Mum came into my room and I knew she was my Mum all was safe and now the fact that I could not recall yesterday or anything before didn’t really matter so I went back to being a kid.

Weird eh but there it is the first thing I can recall with any clarity and that still doesn’t seem as far away as the end of this project!

I sat around early this morning wondering how early was too early to get the grinder out and start on the 110’s rather vast amount of welding without upsetting the neighbours so once 08:30 arrived I thought “bugger it” and started to set up for the morning to get some done before the promised rain of the afternoon made an appearance.
In my eagerness to get on with it I forgot to takes any photos at the start but you have seen the rusty bits already so I cut those out and ground back to bare metal to get welding to. I needed a couple of patches doing on an outrigger so that was soon sorted…

As you can see I decided against removing the whole floor panel because the metal really is solid on most of it so a patch out but the a full width floor panel welded in on both sides for added strength then sealed up nicely…

I only had one real issue through any of today’s welding and that was there seemed to be water dripping off of the roof from melting frost just where I wanted to weld each and every time of course but sod’s law does like a laugh and today it was at my expense.
So with those bits done I set to sorting the door pillar so first the door had to come off which is a straight forward job just four bolts to remove and the first three undid no problem at all but the fourth did not want to play in any shape or form at all. First of all it broke my heavy duty screwdriver that I have had for years then the whole head somehow just disintegrated so out came the drill and off came the door.
With that done I ground off all of the old pillar and stood back to get the new one to offer up into place and then as I looked up I realised that I really was past the point of no return here whether it was going to rain or not!

I have never done a door pillar on a Land Rover before so I sat back and had a think (which is no easy feat for me you know) of what I should do here in what order. I set to with offering the pillar up into place then popping a couple of tack welds at the top then at the bottom. Then I set the door back into place using the remaining two bolts that were still serviceable closing is onto the latch setting it to the correct position.
A quick weld along the top sealed the deal there and then I drilled through the new with the old making a hole that I turned into a spot weld bridging the two down the inside. On the front of the bulkhead side I seam welded the new panel and hey presto folks it sat true and unmovable.

One side down and I was really feeling like I was into the swing of things here then I felt the first drops of rain arriving. It was good timing really because I needed to eat and the driveway looked like a bomb had hit it so I set to putting it all away being content with the fact that I was halfway through the front end welding already.

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