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I am not quite right in the head.
No really I am not I am convinced the rest of the world is quite mad and only I see what is truly going on but thankfully I keep this to myself for the most part so don’t tell anyone ok.

So yesterday I managed to take all day just changing the offside suspension but my OCD would not let it rest there because who in Gods name would only do half of a job eh? Well certainly not me it literally kept me awake last night and when I slept the fact the nearside needed doing was in my dreams. Wifey asked this morning what my plans for the day were and I was thankful to hear the “my” bit because I was already dressing for the messy work of dealing with the nearside suspension on the 110. I umm’d and rrr’d for a few seconds and asked if she had anything she wanted to do which she did that did not involve me for a few hours so I had free reign to get stuck in.
I opened the bedroom door to find the dog sitting in the doorway looking at me hopefully because I had had the cheek to get up make a brew and take it back to bed to drink before she had had her walk so my cheeky get stuck into the landy had a price after all.

When the mutt was happy I set to stripping out the passenger wing and if anything the suspension on this side actually looked worse than the other side…

There was rust galore everywhere under there and would the bloody nut free off on the bottom of the shock no dear reader it would not. Eventually though I managed to crack it just as my neighbour walked past asking how I didn’t feel the cold sitting out here on the driveway to which I replied “Layers chap, it’s all in the layers”
Happy with this he disappeared into his warm and generally far more sensible house for what smelt 20 minutes later like a full English fry up…lucky bugger.

At this point I had managed to smack a smaller socket onto the turret bolts and snapped them off in short order and the shock and turret were free. They were definitely worse than the other side…

But no worries I had the new set ready to roll and with easier placement of the jack onto the axle because there were no steering arms or boxes in the way the old spring soon popped out as well. A quick slap of underseal around later and the new spring along with turret retention ring were in place so I popped it all together ready to tighten up the nuts.
This is where the fun really started.

Could I get the bottom nut in place on the shock absorber…no no I could not. I pushed I pulled I shoved then used tools to hold the shock down but I just could not get the nut started on the thread. In the end I resorted to trimming off a little of the bush and that solved the issue but this whole process took about half an hour.
Still when all done it does look good or am I the only freak that gets off on new car parts??? I bloody love new car parts…

Part of the process of getting the nearside wing off was to move the air filter out of the way and that was a proper mess and had not been changed for donkeys years. Luckily I had one in the shed so a quick swap sorted that issue and this may just be in my head but the engine seems to run better for it too.
With all of this off I had a look at the foot well and yes this needs changing along with two other patches I have managed to find…

Just as well I have bought that new welder eh!
Now the time had come to pop the wheels back on drop the 110 off of the axles stands and see if the new springs had made much of a difference to the ride height. Now considering these are standard springs I was very surprised to see that Pukkah now sits a good 2-3″ taller on the front end! The sag in those old springs must have been awful and I suspect they were the ones fitted from new in the factory.

With that all sorted I had a little drive up and down as far as I could on my driveway and path to settle the springs into place then set to treating the rust on the rear bodywork just because I was sick of seeing it if I am honest and the rest of the motor has plenty enough underneath without waving more of it at me everytime I walk past it.

I will need to source some new cappings for the rear of the tub before painting but that is way down on my list of priorities.

The weekend has finished with me feeling a lot better about what lies ahead now on this project and what a difference a day can really make. The front end suspension is now in place the 110 still drives and much to my surprise still stops when you use the brakes considering what they look like and I am starting to see a time line and order in my head on what will be done and when. Isn’t it amazing how different you can feel once you have made even a little bit of progress on something because yesterday morning I could have quite happily sold this little shed of mine but today well I don’t think I would see it go…

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