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The rain had stopped. I looked out of the bedroom window and was astounded that there was nothing falling from the sky so first things first I had to take the motorbike out for a short run to warm the engine through because it had been sat on the driveway for the last week. That done I decided that some time on the 110 was just the ticket so I set to sorting a few tools out in the shed but when I turned around to walk out to the driveway the heavens had opened once again so what else could I do at this point but go and make a sausage cob.

Cob and tea done the rain had eased off once again so I ran outside and ended up looking at the 110 wondering what to do today with it but I soon settled upon what seems to be my nemesis on it at the moment…the injection pump.
This bloody thing has been a pain in the backside since I replaced the leaking O ring it has simply refused to run once the throttle arm is replaced but this time I had a trick up my sleeve I had borrowed another pump off of a friend to compare what I was doing and there was one spring I had been putting on wrong so I set to rectifying this mistake.
Stripped down again then put back i the correct order I was sure it would just fire up first turn of the key but as it turned out I was wrong. It just turned over and over not firing so I sat on the wing looking in wondering what to do now?
Everything looked like it was in the right place but something was obviously amiss but what that was just eluded me. At this point my youngest daughter called me around back for some advice on stripping down her scooter panels so I had ten minutes away from my problematic pump.
When I returned I had decided to strip it all down once more then fire up the engine which was not a problem with the arm off so I started it up then being mindful of the spinning radiator fan and fan belt putting one bit on after another then the springs came into play finally tightening down the nut on top of the throttle arm.

That was when the engine cut out.

Hmm interesting. The nut is a locking one so I wound it back half a turn and then twisted the ignition key again to hear the engine spring into life! I checked that the accelerator worked, which it did a treat, then that there were no leaks at all coming form the injection pump, which there were not much to my surprise, and I let the engine warm through properly which it has not done in some time…

What next then? Well I set to running through all of the electrics again making sure of what exactly worked and what didn’t. Indicators…checked out ok along with all of the other lights even the wipers and washers worked but my luck ran out on the horn making any noise at all. Oh well couldn’t moan about that so I decided to check through to the horn to see what the issue could be. I removed the grill and the problem was soon obvious because you see there was not a horn there at all so no wonder I couldn’t get any sound…

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