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My family is spread far and wide across this big boulder we all live upon and to say we are an interesting mix of folk would be an understatement. Do you know that TV program called “Modern Family” that is supposed to be an exaggeration of what a family can consist of mix folk wise today well that has nothing upon my lot in fact they probably wouldn’t have made us into a TV programme because no one would have believed it! Thinking about it that could be a good series of short stories there I may well pen into that at some point…
Anyway Wifey and I set off to see one of my many siblings who lives in Dublin also meeting his new girlfriend in the process. This was going to be my third trip to Dublin city but it was the first time I would actually see any of it because this brother is a musician and we usually just ended up in a bar getting drunk over a couple of days but not this time folks I am older and wiser then throw into the mix that I cannot tolerate any sort of hangover any more (the last one lasted three days) I determined we were going to see this fair city this time and what a city it is! We had a great time exploring the place on a budget even taking in a guided tour which was fantastic and walking for miles and miles and miles to boot! You must do the Guinness Storehouse visit if you are over there that was fun and you got a pint at the end of it…which was nice.

Well the weather was fantastic after a foggy start first thing on the Monday morning so I was hoping that it would be nice for the week when we got home because we both had it booked off of work so a trip to Derbyshire was also planned to climb Jacobs Ladder along with some much needed time on Pukkah the 110.

Nature on the other hand seems to have other ideas on our plans because from what seemed like after the minute we landed back on home turf the heavens opened and have not stopped since. No worries I thought it wont last that long I will just have a lazy day then get around to doing a bit on Friday…it’s still raining.
Now funds are a bit tight this month but I have gathered a few bits up for sale and got shot of them so I could then invest in a few bits for the 110 so with nothing more pressing to do I tooted off to Paddocks to buy a few bits with Wifey in tow who bought me a nice lunch out 🙂

Price update time then. There’s a few bits piling up in the shed now and more on the way which I will add on once they arrive but once the weather breaks I am set and raring to get stuck in before the really cold weather kicks in.



TOTAL £1631

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