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Been a busy day really today because it was a bit shorter for me than usual. Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to see the start of daylight creeping through the side of the curtains it left me a tad confused because it is normally pitch black when my body tells me it’s done with sleeping so I turned to look at the little digital clock on my left that informed me it was 3 minutes past seven in the morning…that meant I had slept for about nine hours straight last night something that I have not done for years and I felt surprisingly refreshed instead of that beaten up slept too much groggy feeling you normally get from too much sleep.

I lay there relaxed and at peace with myself and the morning lay ahead of me I realised I had no desperate need to do much of anything at all. The day lay ahead and we had made no plans so I decided to be really naughty after my lie in and drag that relaxed feeling out by getting up ignoring my clothes throwing on my dressing gown which got a knowing look off of the dog who was waiting for me to take her out that that was not going to happen and then headed downstairs to stick the kettle on and not do much of bugger all. What a way to start the day nice and relaxed not rushing off anywhere after a great nights sleep I could get used to that!
So after a brisk walk in the woods with Wifey I decided to at least have a bit of a go at the 110 starting with getting the front end of it off of the ground to make working on it a bit easier…

The offside wing needs to come off so I can start repairs on the bulkhead there on the door pillar then onto the foot well but before any of that can happen the wing needs to go so first things first the wheel came off which showed me yet more rust in places I had not noticed on the witches hat/suspension turret which is scrap as is the shock absorber…

Surprisingly enough the spring looks ok but seeing as I have to strip the rest off I will refit it all with a 2″ lift all round not because I will be off roading it a great deal but just in case I do!
With that decided I set to removing the rubber arch enough to be able to get to the blots holding the wing on…

I managed to get all of those rusty buggers out eventually and it is now all set bar a couple of screws to come off and away showing me the full extent of what lies ahead but why leave it there I hear you ask? Well the beef roast was coming on and the light was fading fast so I decided to end the day the way I had started it…relaxing.

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