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Right then after the sun had risen and some time had past after me getting out of my pit just before 5am not being able to sleep and after watching my neighbour the night shift cab driver come home I set to seeing if I could get the 110 to start again. I walked up to the local petrol station seeing as I had time to kill enjoying the early morning stillness that is rarely found in a big city.
Diesel in and a fresh battery fitted I set to removing the throttle arm and linkage from the injector pump to see if that made any difference. The keys in the ignition I turned them clockwise not expecting a great deal to happen other that the noise of the starter turning relentlessly over so imagine my surprise when the engine fired immediately into life!

Now this pleases me a great deal because it is one less problem to deal with but there is still the issue of refitting the throttle arm and springs correctly because how ever long I look at it and what ever way I turn things over I cannot see for the life of me what I have done wrong there to make the engine not start! So if anyone would like a cup of tea and some cake that can fix it feel free to pop around 😉

Satisfied that at least it runs once again I decide it was time to get to grips with all of the problems this 110 has and make a plan of action an order in which to do things just one step at a time so the whole project doesn’t seem so damned overwhelming. First out was the middle front seat because that really wont be staying and will be replaced with a cubby box…

Then the hammer and screwdriver came out bashing all of the rusty spots I could see because it’s not worth pretending that a bit is ok if it is not. I started in the floor pans…

Didn’t take long to make some good sized holes! Then I checked the chassis and quite frankly the rear cross member is now a mess it’s shot along with the back part of the chassis on the drivers side. A new extra extended piece will be needed so I best get saving for that! I already know the steering wants looking at a full service will be needed the rear axle is rusted to hell and I expect the brake system will need an overhall. The bulkhead is ok-ish but both of the front door pillars want replacing.
It will require repainting then a new set of wheels and tyres fitting.
Hell folks I have bought me another full on rebuild project here!
So the plan is quite simple from here on in….sell it.

Nah only joking I will start from the front and work my way back through doing the bodywork initially then when that is all good I will paint it then move onto the mechanical side of things. I did get to have a play with my new welder today as well on an old piece of metal I had kicking around and what a difference that bit of kit will make! No more pigeon shit welding for me dear reader oh no its nice and smooth all the way from now on! My old welder must have been in an awful state for longer than I realised because using this one is like colouring in pictures with crayons.

One more project it is then I have to admit feeling better now that I know what I am up against. Costing wise I reckon I can get it sorted on this side of another £1000 if I box clever and buy wisely but we shall see how well I do on that at the end of it all because I will keep a full account of what’s being spent as we go along. I am sure there will be some more laughter and tears over the upcoming months but I aim to keep the hospital visits to a minimum this time! See you on the other side…

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