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Don’t you love it when you have been working at stupid o’clock for a
few weeks so when the weekend arrives your body wakes you up bright
and early even if you fancy having a bit of a lie in! I have just
heard my neighbour get in from work, he’s a taxi driver, and I am
sitting here wondering how early I can get away with making noise on
the driveway working on the landy best leave that a while just yet.

So I thought I would take the time to put together a quick follow up
on my last post “A Little Bit Broken” where I tried to explain
how it feels to suffer from depression which is pretty bloody
difficult to do but I tried none the less so that others would know
they are not alone and so that everyone else might get a look into
what their friends and loved ones feel like and go through.

The response to that entry has taken me by surprise in fact it has
blown my mind (if you would excuse the pun).

There were a few comments on line in public by those who were happy
to do so but the response via messaging and email directly to me was
incredible. I had no idea how many people out there fight their own
battles on a daily basis (it’s a lot more common than you realise!)
and what surprised me was that folk kept calling me brave I even had
one not so nice message calling me an attention seeker. Lets get
something straight here I am not brave folks I just wanted to explain
the feeling out to others who had no idea what goes on in the mind of
those who struggle with it and as for being an attention seeker well
no I am afraid I am not in fact I am quite happy to plod along with
no one noticing me at all in fact if I won the lottery I would buy a
house in the middle of nowhere away from the world but and this is
aimed at the person who sent me that particular email at least sir I
have the bollocks to stand up and say what I mean publicly without
hiding behind an anonymous email address. A true keyboard warrior he
was and there has been no other response since from him and I only
give him space here to show what pillocks the world can hold. Here
we have another brave soul ho hides online calling people he doesn’t
know names via a disposable email address on a subject they know
nothing about. He was probably about twelve as well 😉

So all I wanted to say publicly to reiterate to those folks that
asked is yes feel free to copy share and do as you please with what I
wrote before that is the reason I wrote it and put it up online. If
it helps a few folks out that is all good with me.

As for everyone else that messaged/mailed me and to those that did
not don’t hide yourselfs or what you battle with if you can away,
worry not what others might think because your battle is hard enough
as it is try to cut away just that one piece of extra baggage and if
you cannot do that don’t worry about it either it’s your battle your
storm to get through and your climb to make. No one else can make
your climb but when that storm is at it’s worse use your strength to
just hold on that’s all you need to do then when the winds ease you
can focus on heading upwards once again.

If you have any questions about it (there have been a few) feel free
to ask away I am happy to answer.

All the best


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