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I am feeling a bit despondent a little sorry for myself and I shouldn’t do because I am a lucky fella with a great Wife great kids and in all fairness I have more than I need in material possessions not that I am rich but the bike is pretty new for me and we have had Wifey’s car from brand new so all in all nothing to complain about.
But the 110 is becoming more and more of a project each time I look at it or explore something new it throws up more problems to be dealt with.

We are moving next year so there is a bit of a deadline there because I would like it to be road legal by then but I have to admit I am sitting here wondering whether I have another project in me or not. I am feeling tired after fighting that nasty bug that was doing the rounds last week that knocked me off of my feet literally! I cannot remember the last time I could not get out of bed due to illness so again just there just proves how lucky I am but I cannot help feeling a bit fed up with it all.

Thing is I want a Defender and I have one sat there ready to be built to my spec but it will be a mountain to climb so where do I start with it? How far do I go with it? Do I go for a full strip down and rebuild or a patch up and play? At the moment I just feel like selling it I wont do that I know that deep inside unless I literally run out of money bit a quick fix it is not going to be!

I will stop moaning now and sorry for down beat feel of this post but sometimes it makes me feel better to put things into written words and don’t tell me you Landy lovers out there haven’t at some point thought about throwing the towel in at times…

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