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If you are already up wondering why the time checks on the radio and TV news are wrong it’s because they are not my friend but you are. The clocks went back last night giving everybody an extra hours sleep an added lie in bed if you will.
Doesn’t always work though does it folks? As I lay in bed looking at the clock that was telling me it was 04:48 which felt like a lifetime had passed since I had last looked at 04:43 I got to thinking and remembering about all of the other years I had done this and what takes exactly bugger all notice of the clock change.

The kids for example when they are younger care not a jot about the extra hour you want in bed oh no they are working on internal body clocks only and still come bounding into your bedroom full of beans at 5am. It brought a smile to my face recalling mine doing that exact thing and how I would just hold up my duvet cover saying come in into our bed for a bit which the kids thought was an extra special treat as they piled into any gap they could find between me and Wifey with ice cold feet from running from room to room then snuggling down for some extra cuddle time.
I loved those peaceful few minutes with my whole world cuddled up close under a warm Duvet on what always seemed to be a chilly morning realising how lucky I was that they were all healthy and that I could provide enough for them to be dressed and fed…then the little buggers would ruin it all by waking up again full of beans messing around and insisting on breakfast at 05:30.

There are a resident all year round pigeons that live on my roof and they couldn’t care about what we stupid humans had done to the clocks as they started cooing just as the sun started to break the horizon. My dog when she was younger would start patrolling at what to her was her normal time waiting for me to let her out for her morning call and would start “Talking” to me through the door if I wasn’t up quick sharp how times have changed from that perspective because she is an old woman now who would rather stay in bed until my 15 year old decides its time to surface from her pit regardless of the hour! I don’t hear any more early morning grumping from her any more.

So what to do with this extra hour dear reader? Well I am up with a cup of tea in hand the radio on quietly in the background enjoying the snails pace of a relaxing early Sunday morning while the rest of the house still sleeps…that will do nicely for now.

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