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An extra hour in bed then as the clocks went back….made no difference to me really so I sat in the kitchen early this morning enjoying the peace and calm of a quiet morning whilst the rest of the house slept in.

As I sat there I figured out that this is going to be my third project in 18 months and if I am honest it will be my last big one. I am tired and the thought of doing another major overhaul is daunting but I am trying to take solace in the fact this will be my keeper so I sucked it up and after a quick trip to the car boot where I bought bugger all I set to having a look at the injector pump leaking like Niagra falls issue.

Looking at the injector pump and with no idea how it came apart apart from a quick internet search that pointed to the o ring being fubar in the throttle linkage I decided to start there taking it apart but a word of warning there are two springs behind it…

A 10mm nut held the arm in place so first that came off showing me a bolt left behind…

I easily removed the plastic cap then I set to picking out the white plastic asher quickly followed by a rock hard o ring. I had one the same size in the shed so I popped it into place with the use of a couple of electrical screwdrivers then I popped on the arm minus the springs fired up the old motor and hey presto no leaks!!!!!
Feeling smug with myself I set to putting the arm back on it and the springs back in place under the watchful eye of a new supervisor ho appears to have taken quite a liking to the 110…

Once all the arm and springs were back in place I went to start it up again and bugger me it wouldn’t. I looked around and realised it was below low on fuel so hopefully it’s as a simple fix as popping some diesel in it but the battery has gone flat now and I had no diesel to hand so onto other things while the sun still shined.
Next in line was to see if I could take the half turn play out of the steering so I set to adjusting the steering box.
First of all I had to get the front wheels off of the ground with a couple of jacks then I set to undoing the securing nut on the steering box and adjusted the centre with a flat head screwdriver clockwise a half turn at a time seeing if it would take up the play at the steering wheel…

It did indeed do it to some extent but at full turn there is still about a quarter turn on the steering wheel so I suppose that a replacement box is needed but hey ho it is a project after all.

With all of that done and dinner calling me inside I decided to call it a day. I need some fuel putting in the 110 before I can check to see what’s wrong on that side of things and quite frankly I had had enough for one day. Yes the thought a third project on the bounce is daunting and at times I wonder why I do it to myself instead of just saving up and buying a nice motor that will tow our wobble box where ever we want it to without the need for constant maintenance but hell I suppose there would be no fun in that at all.

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