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Do you remember when your Mum & Dad said time passes faster as you get older but when they said that you were in your late teenage years and time is measured in months not years? I do and it was brought to the front of my mind when my eldest daughter proudly told me that she and her boyfriend had been together for a whole six months “Which is like forever!”
Jeez it was six months ago since I last needed not to get up during the night to take a pee and it feels like last week!
How I wish to have a summer that feels like a lifetime again with nothing more serious to care about than how many hours I get to lie in before my next lecture after a night out on the booze. Still I have had my turn at that and it is now someone else’s namely my children and that is as it should be.

Seeing as time passes so quickly I thought it best to actually do something to the one ten but with the weather promising to piddle down all day to which we were not disappointed I decided to start at the beginning with it and give a good clean so I could see what exactly I am dealing with.
This started with a quick trip to the shops to pick up a karcher jet washer that was on a half price offer then after getting kitted out in some wet weather gear I set to removing years of grimy oily covered mud. Remember how dirty the engine bay was well its a bit better now…

The steering box maybe fubar as there is over a quarter free play on the steering wheel before anything actually happens so there’s a job to look into.

Then it was onto the chassis and my oh my was there a multitude of crap on that from front to back! In fact there was soo much crap I had to power wash the driveway off after I cleaned it but that’s a job done that was on my list anyway. After some serious lying down in the wet blasting off anything that was no longer solid the chassis is not really too bad it will need the drivers side rear cross member welding up along with two new door pillars, I could just patch these but it will probably take longer than just replacing them and seeing as I am going to have to take the doors and wings off anyway I may as well just do it right, and a couple of patches in the floor wells. The battery box is just about at the point of no return so I will weld a new one in there as well but all electrics work bar the horn so another bonus there.

Then there was the outer bodywork which thankfully has no big holes but the little jet wash that could managed to blast off a lot of paintwork but better that now than after I have repainted it…

Other news to note is that the Merlin report came back and the life that was lived before for this old one ten was not really very exciting. It spent all of it’s forces days with the RAF at Waddington presumably by the number of seats fitted just ferrying folk around the base. Still it doesn’t matter to me because this one will not be a historic restoration nope this one is mine and mine alone it’s going to be my keeper so I will be modifying it to suit me for years to come that apparently will pass in a flash unless I am trying to remove a stubborn bolt that is.

So I am going to need some sheet metal lots of underseal and o rings for sorting out the injector pump. The tyres are shot so will need a set of those and the suspension is well past it’s best so replacements will be sourced but the question there is “to lift or not to lift” while it is in pieces. There is a salisbury rear axle and more mud on the bottom of my driveway than there is in the back garden but I now know where I am heading with “Pukah” which is nice but the dark evenings are headed back our way with the clocks going back on hour tonight so I will have to try and slot in little bits of work on him whenever I can because this will be my first Winter project on the driveway and I am expecting progress to be a bit slower because of it.
Just as well I bought me a new insulated set of babygrows then eh 😉

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