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Welcome to the sale of Brian my off road ready 300tdi Discovery 1 on an L plate.

Brian was completely standard when I bought him about six months ago but after a restoration I had just finished on a Series 3 I was a bit bored and decided I would get him off road ready so I could play with my Land Rover friends on all manner of different off roady sites.

For the start of his life he was used for years and years by the Sea Scouts in the middle of Lincolnshire no where near the sea who then got bored of him so sold him on without a care for the service he had faithfully supplied onto the first and highest bidder. Then he changed hands a few times eventually ending up on my doorstep ready for his transformation into an off road beast that could tackle any mountain.

The work was extensive on him and included:

  • 235 85 16 INSA Saharas on Disco Steels that have nearly new tread including the spare.
  • 2″ lift kit fitted All round.
  • Front Winch Bumper.
  • Full Service.
  • Rear Diff replaced.
  • 200tdi prop conversion.
  • Rear ball joint and fulcrum replaced.
  • All track rod ends changed.
  • New rear steering bar.
  • Cb fitted.
  • Light Bar fitted.
  • Safari Snorkel plus 200tdi air box.
  • EGR blanked off.
  • Rear anti roll bars removed.
  • Both sills welded up.
  • Both rear wheel bearings fitted.
  • Clear front Indicators.
  • Rear arches trimmed to accommodate bigger wheels.
  • New boot floor welded in.
  • Fan Blowers replaced.
  • Pre heat relay replaced.
  • Steering guard fitted.
  • Diff guards fitted front and back.
  • Cam belt was changed at 144,000.

The speedo stops working every now and then but a new sender is supplied and I was also going to overhaul the whole fuel system just because that was the only thing that hadn’t been done so I will include a sedimentor and a lift pump as well so if the new owner wants to do it themselves they can! I am sure I have another oil and fuel filter kicking around as well so I will chuck these in too.

So now he was sat all ready to go and smash those off road sites with the confidence of the well prepared and knowing that just about everything that matters had been replaced or just sorted out! First trip out I sat in my pride and joy smugly having photos taken of me looking like I knew what I was doing before setting off onto the breach, I was full of excited anticipation but after an hour (and I am being generous to myself here) I realised that even though I love the social side of things with the Nottingham Land Rover Club it turns out I am an old fart Sunday driver who is more suited to taking in the scenery than bombing up and down hill sides or wading through puddles deep enough to drown in.

Shortly after this admission to myself and with the laughter from my friends still ringing in my ears who have now renamed me a big girls blouse a nice 110 Defender has come along for me to restore and potter around old fart style in which is much more suited to my tastes and abilities…honestly the Mrs was better and braver off road than me.

Wifey has reliably informed me in no uncertain terms that “we” cannot afford to run two toys so I must part with one of them, trust me here I know I can afford to run two toys but when she who has to be obeyed has that head on and the bit between her teeth it’s best to just nod your head then agree saying “yes dear” but I have to grudgingly agree there is no point having two because they wouldnt both be used on a regular basis so here now is our Brian up for sale.

Now I will admit that he looks great in the photos but I will point out that he had just been washed and is not anywhere near that shiny he is also scratched down both sides from my off road adventure so please bear that in mind if you want to buy a pristine show room condition Discovery because you will not find it here!

Please feel free to come and view and you can even take him for a drive if you can prove full insurance cover and I have the full asking price in my hand because if you break him you have bought him!

On the other hand I am happy to take you for a spin around myself then there is no stress either way.

I am located in the NG5 Sherwood area of Nottingham.

SO why would you want to go and build yourself an off roader when there is one sat right here freshly made then driven like a girl by me and basically ready to roll! Hopefully the new owner will have a bigger pair than I had and will enjoy playing off road with Brian like he was made to do!

Any questions please ask away and feel free to call any time from 9am to 9pm but please leave a message if no answer and I will call you straight back.

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