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I sat on my coffee break at work a couple of days ago drinking a cup of brown something that the machine throws out for twenty pence whilst perusing the tinterweb on my mobile phone, that is when it wanted to let me because it likes to glitch when you least expect it, when I chanced upon an advert for a 110 ex MOD 1980 something for a price that made me look twice.
I have always wanted a Defender but thought that I would never be able to afford one and I know I know before all the history buffs jump in this isn’t a Defender but a 110 but that’s close enough for me. Now I had a read through the ad and a read through again checking that it only needed the work it said it needed getting rather excited about the whole prospect when reality hit that funds are more than a bit tight with us saving to buy a house because Wifey says “We need something to grow old in” putting on the kids sounds like more of a plan to me but hey ho I just do as I am told but I needed a cunning plan putting into place before I could even consider this purchase.

So I got home and tentatively approached the subject with my nearest and dearest (she reads this blog) and with no hesitation she said “buy it”. All matter of fact and no messing about… I couldn’t believe my luck! She then went on to say
“Buy it, pick it up with Brian and a trailer then when you get back stick Brian up for sale to put the money back into the house fund and use my car while you rebuild the 110 because we both know that a Defender is what you have been slowly working towards”.

My chin hit the floor! I knew I was onto a winner marrying this woman many years ago but she really knows me inside out and backwards and is the best Wife a man could ask for. Now before I get too soppy sounding I have a time limit on this exercise to get the cash back in situ which isn’t too tight but tight enough and if i were to fall short and put the house buy in any jeopardy my life would not be worth living in fact I would probably be looking for a new wife minus some of my more important appendages but lets not go there!

To cut a long story short a price has been agreed and I will be collecting my 110 a week tomorrow and upon my return poor Brian, who has just been MOT’d, will be up for sale the same evening if not before but with a proviso that I have him until next Sunday.
Do you know anyone who wants to buy an off road ready Disco that’s been driven like a girl so far?…

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