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Well I had a surprising start to the day this morning and no to the perverts among you the Wife did not wake up early and bring me tea in bed along with a gentle awakening no it was a bit more surreal than even that.

I sold on fleabay a razor bonnet I bought for the Series 3 “Mator” rebuild because I decided against changing him away from his original set up. The chap who bought it arrived nice and early as well as bang on time at 08:30, I love folk who are timely in nature there is no need to say you will be somewhere at 08:30 then turn up at 09:30 saying “oh did you actually have to be somewhere else doing something you wanted to do rather than waiting in for me?”, and we walked around the back back of the house to get the part in question.
As always happens with another Landy nut the conversation was quickly turned to all things green oval and it came out why I was selling a series bonnet when there was a Discovery on the driveway there was a look of recognition on his face and the chap seemed to look me up and down with a smile and said “Oh are you THAT Nicky Smith?”

I have to admit this took me by surprise because even though I know the book has been selling a mere few copies here and there it has never really dawned on me that anyone outside of my circle of family and friends has ever really read any of it. I know that sounds stupid but you just don’t do you I mean why would you? Anyway it sort of threw me a bit and I said that yes that was indeed me and it turned out this chap was reading it through The Landy newspaper that are publishing bits here and there of it.

So this was a new experience a dawning if you like in my hectic brain that out there in the real world folk really do read my drivel writings and it still surprises the hell out of me but fear not my head will not grow in size because only I have the access to see exactly how many copies of my book have been sold and I expect that this will be a once in a lifetime event!

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