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We all know that life moves in one big circle but lets face it none of us really believe that it will happen to us because in our minds we are all perpetually still in our mid twenties where time stopped moving and where we will all forever be.
Today life showed me in no uncertain that this is not true and now that I have entered my “meaning of life” year, 42, that it is time that I opened my eyes and admitted the truth to myself. You see I got up early and headed off to see my middle daughter down in London at her university for the day.

She is studying to be a Midwife and living in halls with other medical studenty types and my money today was to be used to buy important things like food that all 18 year olds seem to forget they need to get by. When I was 18 I was studying to be a Nurse but I royally buggered that up but I did enjoy my time in halls accommodation surrounded by young student nurses and midwifes but that’s a story for another day. So we headed off to the nearest Morrisons to stock up on a few weeks supplies and once back in her dorm kitchen drinking a decent cup of coffee watching her put her food stocks away one of her young hall mates came in and they started having a chat eventually introducing little old me who was sat in the corner and up to this point going unnoticed…
“Oh yea and this is my Dad, Dad this is whateverhernamewas”

Dad…I just bought all of the food…I was checking the whole place from the tube station to the Uni for signs of trouble or what could be hot spots…I had just checked her room and bathroom over for problems for me to get sorted out…I was quietly getting info on her financial status making sure she was going to be ok until Christmas when I next saw her…I was already planning on topping up her oyster travel card before leaving so she wouldn’t have to walk anywhere after dark…oh bugger I am the parent here arnt I. How the hell did that happen??????

So it has hit home I am no longer in my teens in fact I am no longer in my mid twenties in fact dear reader I am in my early forties a parent to four children who are all growing quicker than I thought possible and it seems I have now taken my place as the sensible grown up Dad where the consideration of my children should be put first without a me realising it but my physical age is just in years because I will forever be 26 in my head!

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