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I was surprised to get a phone call at lunchtime whilst I was just getting stuck into my beef burrito after walking away from another driver induction that was about as much fun to teach out as pulling out my own pubic hair one by one with a pair of rusty tweezers due to the complete lack of interaction from the driver being taught to say that Brian was ready for collection already!
Another £130 down but hey A) He was done B) He was done two days early because another job that was supposed to be in this morning didn’t turn up so Brian got dragged out of the corner and his small list of minor fixes sorted quickly!

Wifey had to go and collect him for me then upon my return from work informed me it had been quite some time since she actually had to “drive” a car instead of just gently plodding on in one but both Brian and Wifey seem neither the worse for wear!
It is indeed good to have him back again because this morning when I jumped on my motorbike all I got was a fizzling/sizzling noise when I tried to start it up and seeing as the Landy was in the garage I had to steal Wifeys car for the day because all of a sudden we were down to one vehicle which I did not like at all!
The bike will need looking at but seeing as the rain has not stopped for most of the day I will try to have a stab at that issue tomorrow, it’s just nice have the Land rover back that now only needs a couple of jobs sorting out…

Just the sedimentor, lift pump and a good service to sort and maybe just maybe we will be good for the winter. Nope I am lying the trailing arm bushes want changing over as well then we should be good for winter. A rebuild wasn’t on the cards for Brian when I bought him but he seems to be getting one slowly but surely!

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