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A little brown package was waiting for me when I got home last night from work full of all sorts of shiny things along with the new fulcrum and rear ball joint for Brian. So today when I got in from work at a reasonable hour with some daylight left I thought it would just be a matter of mere minutes to put it all back together getting Brian back onto the road once again…I was sorely mistaken.

The first bolt dropped through like a charm but the second bolt went in a bit but then got stuck, I mean really stuck fast so it wouldn’t move in any direction. With a sigh I stripped the whole A frame back off and set to getting the bolt back out with a rather large hammer and a strong sense of de ja vu. With that done I then drilled out the holes again clearing any remnants of crappy rust copper greasing the lot up and the bolts dropped back into place no problem at all. That was more than could be said for the rear ball joint arm that I just could not get the right angle on so I removed the A frame bolts on the chassis again and dropping the ball joint into place. With that done I then had to lever the A frame mounts back into position with a pry bar slotting everything into the place again.
That sounded quite easy didn’t it but I can assure you it was fifteen minutes of messing around moving bits around straining like mad to keep the arms still long enough to slot the bolts through with my other hand but a little patience a lot of internal bad language that eventually turned into maniacal laughter and all was well again.

With aching arms I then set to tightening up all of the nuts and bolts then literally throwing all of the tools I used into the back of the Disco, jumping into the driving seat and going off with bated breath for a quick spin to see if the awful loud banging had finally gone. I am glad to say it has! What a difference it has made it is pleasurable to drive once again so now all I have to do is replace the rear wheel bearings and track rod ends…bearings first I think as they are quite noisy so lets see how quickly I can bugger that up and make a meal out of it 😉

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