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After a pleasant morning meandering around a car boot sale in Tansley then a cheeky relaxed lunch in the sunshine at Matlock park we arrived home to the task of attacking that bolt stuck in the A frame arm and fulcrum again for Brian.

Well nothing had changed but I did come up with a cunning plan of taking it to the local quick fit and bribing them to have a go at it with an impact gun so off I toddled and they willingly obliged but there was no luck with the gun so they stuck it into a press to see if that would have any effect….nope bugger all moving so after another ten minutes they threw in the hat and I brought the bloody thing back home again.

I then set to having a look around the many sheds that litter my back garden I happened across a rather large sledge hammer. I looked at it and decided that seeing as all other options had been exhausted what the hell did I have to lose? I set to lining up a few good blows to try and loosen up the bolt and I did managed to make it move a bit off of the a frame arm which was progress! Smashing away happily making my back ache and sweating like a pig I managed after 20 hard minutes of sledge swinging to get the fulcrum/rear ball joint off of the arm but with the remnants of the bolt still stuck in it because the only way to make any progress was to grind the bolt head off first.
Pleased with myself I put my now freed a frame arm to one side and thought I would drill out what was left of the bolt in the fulcrum bracket but after chewing quickly through three drill bits I threw in the towel to call it a draw. I got the arm back but the bolt kept the bracket so sod it I will splash out and buy a new one with the ball joint already fitted because I have wasted enough of my time on this now and by the time I spend out on more drill bits etc I will be spending about the same anyway!

Hopefully I will get the part delivered one day this week along with new bolts and maybe just maybe refitted by the weekend…

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