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After a really nice day out at the LRO Show in Peterborough meeting up with a good friend and his Dad as well as taking Wifey along of course we got home late afternoon/early evening and I figured there was still enough light left to have another stab at that bloody rear ball joint on Brian.

I donned my man sized baby grow and set to attacking the bolt again with my new 30mm spanner to no avail so I heated the arse off of it then took a chisel along with a bloody big hammer and 60 seconds later the nut lay on the driveway in two very hot halfs. As I was wielding a hammer I then set to smacking the ball joint out of it’s socket which wasn’t that much of a problem. There was no way I was getting the seized bolt out of the fulcrum point so I took half of the A frame off which was fun and saved me from hitting the gym for a week with that sort of arm workout on yet another 30mm nut and bolt seriously I will soon have forearms like Popeye.

So round 2 to me I have the bloody off of the Disco and it now resides in my shed soaking in some oil to see if it will help with shifting it but if I have no joy tomorrow I will have to go off on a hunt to see if I can bribe someone with an impact gun to give it a go on. I suppose I should also order some new bolts and the rear ball joint because I could not find either at the show today much to my disappointment! On a more positive note my friend has offered to take the old one away to his work and press it out and then press the new one in 🙂 Thanks again for that chap you know who you are 😉

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