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Seriously I am going to go and buy a gallon of petrol then I am going to go and take one of my Zippo lighters from my collection on the shelf, pour the petrol over Brian making sure the windows are left open so the oxygen moves freely throughout the interior ensuring a good flame stand back and watch him burn back to the depths of hell that he was spawned from.

Why oh why does he have to fight me every bloody step of the way when any work needs doing to him? The rear ball joint is fubar and the banging noise has got to the stage now where I will not drive him any more on the road without doing some repairs. Seeing as I am off to the Land Rover Show in the morning I thought I best hold off on ordering any parts online in case some thing turns up there but this was not going to stop me from making a start on stripping out the old ball joint.

It did indeed begin well enough with the first bolt literally falling out of place but that was where my good fortune finished. Nothing else will move…at all…forever I am sure. The split pin has snapped off in the bolt on the ball joint with a bit sticking out of each side which will be just enough to stop the nut from moving. The second bolt holding on the A frame is seized solid not just solid but a big hammer wont move it solid. It took me over two hours to get to the “sod it I’m not doing any more and walking away” stage and nothing more than that first bolt that fell out within two minutes has moved.

On top of that since I fitted the other quieter rear diff it turns out that the rear wheel bearings were about done because the noise coming out of them is horrendous and in all fairness they did look a bit grim when the half shafts were out. The track rod ends want doing and seeing as the MOT id due in 6 weeks Brian can stay off of the road for now be fixed up properly and serviced to boot. That is of course if I can get this sodding rear ball joint off because if I cannot I am getting the grinder out and chopping him into very small bits that I can put in the bins locally a few bits at a time getting rid of the body slowly but surely making sure they can’t be traced back to me.

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