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For anyone who was daft enough to buy my first book I thank you!
Turns out folk are still buying it from time to time in fact there are a few more copies sold each month which continues to surprise me but seeing as the original was about a Landy rebuild maybe it shouldn’t because most of the landy folk I have met including myself are a bit nuts wink emoticon
There are a couple of updates for you all very shortly so please keep your eyes peeled for what should hopefully more publications about “The Project Has Landed…” and I am fast working towards the completion of my next book which will be titled “My CV”.

My CV is a complete mick take upon myself about the ridiculous number of jobs I have held over the years how I adjusted my cv to match what I was applying for as well as a look at how much things have changed in attitudes to life and what was and no longer are acceptable practices…the things we all used to get away with are astounding now looking back!
SO dear readers I am afraid I am not done writing my inane drivel just yet and I may make you smile a bit more before I am done..

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