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A friend is breaking an old Discovery so I of course started sniffing around to see what was available. I came away with a few bits which I will add on to the price as and when I use them but things were mostly bought for spares back up of which I have bugger all at the moment but there was one piece that could be used straight away and was something I had been keeping an eye out for.

It was a back door ladder making it easier to get up to the roof rack when I have the kayaks up there. It was a bit rough but what do you want for a tenner and once it was fitted with a quick lick of paint it looks ok…

It seems to be able to take the weight of my fat arse climbing up and down it as well which is a bonus because hopefully I won’t be falling off due to screw failure any time soon.

Discovery Project Cost’s
Discovery £700
Remote Batteries £8
2nd Hand 2″ lift springs £30
2″ lift shocks set £122
New blower unit that was not needed £20
200tdi Prop shaft that still needs to be fitted £10
Track rod ends £9
Winch bumper and Winch £170
Light Bar £20
Oil filter £3
Power steering pump that still needs to be fitted £60
CB £20
Ladder £10

Total £1182

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