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It has been pointed out to me that I started to keep the costs of my Discovery project at the begging but now that seems to have fallen by the wayside.
They are indeed correct I have not been keeping the costs written down and there are two reasons for this…
1) Brian is my run around unlike Mator (the series 3 rebuild) who was a full rebuild project so Brian really is ongoing all of the time because he is used a great deal week to week.
2) Honestly I just forgot about doing it and reason 1) is just hot air and a big fat excuse for my mistake 🙂

So after some scratching around and adding up of sums here is the latest cost listing to date…

Discovery Project Cost’s
Discovery £700
Remote Batteries £8
2nd Hand 2″ lift springs £30
2″ lift shocks set £122
New blower unit that was not needed £20
200tdi Prop shaft that still needs to be fitted £10
Track rod ends £9
Winch bumper and Winch £170
Light Bar £20
Oil filter £3
Power steering pump that still needs to be fitted £60
CB £20

Total £1172

I wish I had not added that lot up! Still in all fairness that’s about all I HAVE to spend on Brian but it wont be because there are always little bits that you want to tweak and I hereby promise I will keep a more thorough costing from now on.

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