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To All of my children,

As I lay in the bath this
evening relaxing in the hot water after another long day when I came
around to reflecting about you all. Now this in itself is not an
unusual thing for me to do you all are in my thoughts at some point
every day but today it hit home the different paths all of you have

The directions you all
head in are of your own choosing not mine or your mothers this is
exactly as it should be. Today I saw you all as the adults you are
becoming truly for the first time I saw your personalities from your
first words to how you are now along with what you will all become.

I see your laughter
your light your highs and your lows. I recall the rough times you
had the growing pains stumbling to discover yourselves and your
paths. I remember watching you fall and picking you up sitting back
to let you make your own mistakes even though I knew how they would
turn out because I have done them but the right of passage demands
you would not listen to me so these same mistakes were yours to make
too. I saw your laughter and your love.

I saw how different you
all are and I love that the most because somewhere along the line I
along with your mother did something really right because you have
all chosen who you want to be.

I realised I must let
you all go. Your lives are yours to lead as you see fit but I will
keep in the odd guiding hand. I will always be waiting at the end of
the phone if you need to call me I will always come to support you
when you do. I am truly proud of you all deep down to the core of
my soul and I tell you this because I love you all so very much as

I know you all know
this but it hit me so hard today I just had to tell you again.

Lots of Love

Dad x

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