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Brian got to tow the old caravan we bought a couple of months back for the first time this weekend. I have to say he did better than I expected with the two inch lift kit and bigger wheels fitted.
The old caravan does sit a bit high so I will be buying a drop plate tow bar for him (if anyone is selling one please get in touch!) and there were a few times when we were going over speed humps and especially when we were bouncing down the pot holed rough track to the camp site that I thought the back end of the caravan was going to come a cropper leaving our kit strewn behind us but no with some careful pants filling driving I managed to steer us in the right direction over Rutland Waters version of the Alps without damage…both ways!

I needed to fit a new pair of rear shocks to Brian that arrived last week because his old ones were getting more than a little sloppy but after working on the caravan all day Friday I just could not be bothered to do it, this was a mistake. When cornering at speed with a shed being dragged behind me the pitch and yaw were dramatic at times how i wished I had not been such a lazy git! Keeping it all at or around 50mph worked well enough though and I fitted the shocks as soon as we got back yesterday basically closing the stable door….

Still back to the weekend 🙂 we arrived mid morning in blazing sunshine and temperatures that the Algarve would have been jealous of which was a bit of a surprise seeing as Nottingham had been grey wet and miserable when we left it so we dressed accordingly. Our friends were already there from the night before all settled in and I have to say how bloody easy is it with a caravan? Our friends were camping so you have all that putting up the tent blowing up beds building a kitchen trying to keep food cool thing going on. We just pulled up dropped the van opened up got the chairs out and put the kettle on. I kid you not this took five minutes maximum in fact it took longer to put the bed together that evening (smacking myself in the face in the process) than it did to pitch up.
This was a tester weekend away at Rutland Water in a camp site called Lyndon Top, give this place a go it’s really nice and at £7 a night you can’t go wrong, to see what else we would need to set up our little home away from home and there were a few things on the list but only simple stuff like extra pots, were to store stuff, a lighter that doesn’t burn your fingers when you put the kettle on etc…

An Awning looks like it will be a must if I am honest or at the very least a gazebo just for some shade or somewhere to take off muddy boots etc but the van itself was great fun! It will be wanting something doing with the outside but what yet we have not figured out it just needs sprucing up a bit but we can see weekends coming up where we are out and about walking and riding bikes in the countryside which appeals no end. There are of course the weekends away with the Notts Land Rover Club as well so it will now get some use in fact it’s getting more use over the next few weekends than in the last couple of months that we have owned it!

I mean we woke up to a magnificent view of Rutland…

Apart from the old buggers that turned up the day before and decided that out of all of the five fields you could use and out of all of the space in each field that was at their disposal they should park right in the middle of ours in front of us then spend most of the weekend sitting INSIDE their motor home watching TV. Well that’s what it seemed like they were doing but they had a dog with them that we all only saw once the whole time so god knows what happened to that poor bugger.

When it came to time to leave it took all of five minutes again to close up shop and head off. There was an interesting metal on metal rattle coming from the front of Brian at times but when we got home and I had a look the only thing I could find was the big recovery U bolt on the Jate ring was resting on the steering guard so hopefully that’s the end of that problem. I shall LID (let it develop) it for now and see what becomes more apparent.
The police seemed to take an interest in us as well as we passed through Melton Mowbray. As we were trundling along they were coming from the other direction when the driver looked me square in the eye promptly spun his panda car around then followed me for about seven miles. It was a mile into this rather slow pursuit that Brian’s speedo decided to give up the ghost of course and I was judging my speed using the power of the force but I must have got something right because the rozzers soon got bored and turned off of the main road leaving us in peace. Maybe they didn’t like Brian or the caravan or more than likely the look of me but hey why worry it gave them something to do. I think they were watching the back of the caravan seeing if it would bounce off of the road giving them a reason to pull me over and earn some extra income for the governments pot.

“Dolly” the caravan is now sat on my drive rather storage as it will be an early start next Saturday going to Avalanche off roading as well as sorting a few more bits out on it. Our first trip out was a success and we are looking forward to the next one…this shed dragging lark might be fun after all.

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