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I have been quiet this week not because I am sulking of the events of late but because I have been on a course, and still am in fact, to become a Smiths System Instructor for work. The Smiths System is a style of driving that most major companies now incorporate to reduce accidents in all sizes of vehicles.
Surprisingly it does work!
Trust me our company would not be paying out for us to be trained up on this if it didn’t as they like the figures more on the profit side than the expenditure one.

It is possibly the most intense course I have ever done and I am only on Day 2 out of five. I have just walked away from my homework because I have just hit saturation point big style, my brain just cannot take another thing in and my eyes are looking at the pages but seeing nothing at all in fact after reading the same paragraph for the third time and retaining nothing I knew it was time do something else for a while.
So far today I have had and initial 2 hours in the classroom being fast fired at with information then dragged out to a minibus with four other chaps taking it in turns giving commentary drives then marking the others when they did theirs. We then started again moving around the bus coaching each other being marked on our teaching methods before heading back into the classroom for another couple of hours of more information force feeding and just when you thought it was all over your homework was dished out to do this evening….damn it’s like being back at school!

Oh did I mention this is up in South Yorkshire as well so my day starts at 05:40 so I can beat the rush hour traffic up there on my hour and a half commute before the days punishment and then the drive home through the rush hour traffic to get to back to my homework before bed for a bit of a sleep if my fried brain will let me to start it all again when the alarm goes off and the ride starts all over again!

Sounds like I am moaning right? Wrong I am bloody loving it! I do doubt my ability to do most things just about all of the time but I never give into that I always like to have a stab at anything that comes my way and as it turns out I seem to be pretty good at this training/teaching thing as it goes. I get nervous before I start but jump in feet first and somehow it all comes together the message gets across in the way I intended and I even get to make a few folk smile and laugh along the way. A couple of the chaps asked me today how I seem to be picking it up so quickly and how I manage to seem so relaxed when I am teaching it out…I told them the truth that it really is the duck effect for me as in the bit you see may look calm but the legs underneath the water are going like mad! There was one last truth to tell them which of course I did and that is the fact that if it feels like it is all going wrong on the inside…just blag it looking calm on the outside.
Two days down and three to go of the course to go and as long as I pass it it will be off teaching drivers all over the chain which should be interesting, I cannot say my role at work isn’t challenging.

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