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It has been a great week off so far with us seeing old friends and then popping off over to the Cromer area for a few days just doing as we pleased eating far too much junk food but why not we are on our holidays. We arrived home early evening yesterday and soon settled in having a “proper tasting” cup of tea, isn’t funny how tea and the water tastes different in other places but once we move there it quickly becomes the “normal” taste, and Wifey told me her plans for today were going to be shopping shopping and more shopping.
My heart sank because just for a fleeting moment I thought I was going to be “invited” (in the way which us husbands are most often just told) to come along with her to enjoy the day being together but no she wanted to have the day to herself!!!

Hurrah I thought I can play with my welder on the Disco sorting out Brian’s sills. So it was a bright and early 09:37 not long after breakfast when I donned my crappy clothes and set to removing the plastic sill covers from Brian to see the true extent of the rot. Turns out the couple of places I had a look before were the worst of the rusty bits because when the covers were off I was presented with this…

In the grand scheme of things this amount of rust is bugger all and the backs of the sills were as solid as the day they left the factory so I had a choice to make, I could cut the whole lot off and fit the box section I have bought ready or I could just pop a couple of patches on for now and fit the box section when and if I do any damage off roading or in the more likely case when the sills rot through again in a different place.
Well I am on holiday so the easier patch it up for now option won me over and if I have to admit it my welding skills are a little rusty so rather than bugger it up big style I thought it would be a confidence booster to do a few smaller patches onto old metal getting back into the swing of it again. There was also the added bonus of if I cocked it right up I could just grind the lot off and fit the box section anyway!

First I removed the battery (learnt that lesson the hard way before) and I got to grinding and cutting up my sheet metal that seems to have been with me for years and years just giving me a patch at a time and regrowing itself when stored in the shed and it all started to go together well enough with nothing catching fire apart from my arms on a regular basis…

Once I ground down the welds that resembled the Pyrenees I set to under sealing the lot covering myself in the sticky bloody stuff in the process that is of course mandatory whenever the tin is opened…

I then screwed the plastic covers back into place along with refitting the carpet trims then stood back with a feeling of accomplishment because it feels like forever since I have last done any sort of rebuilding of a motor and I do miss it.
So yes this was the easier option but I got to get some welding practice in again which for me was needed and Brian is once again in one whole piece with no holes growing where they shouldn’t be. I have to admit that I did have a good look around to see what he needs doing next but at the moment it would appear that list is non existent…it’s a Land Rover so that will not last very long.

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