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This weekend marks the start of a well earned week off of work and seeing as I had a few hours to myself this morning I thought I would start it off by welding up the end of the box section I plane to use to replace the sills on Brian with.
Now I have not done any welding for quite some time and I have never used gasless wire before but the job had to be done so I cut some sheet metal to size and had a stab using my dusty welder.

It didn’t start well with the stuttering through from the welder then when it did start to run through it was blowing holes but with some tinkering on the welder feed speed it all came together well enough…

Not too bad for a first go in a long time it has penetrated the metal perfectly so it’s just my technique that needs some looking at (Ooo err Mrs). I don’t have the time to start to actually cut the old sills off of Brian today and weld him up that will have to be a job later in the week but at least everything is now sat ready to go. I have a feeling though I will be opening a can of worms when I start to take the old sills off though…

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