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The day started early with me jumping onto the motorbike to take it to get some new boots because the ones it had on were a nightmare for commuting on being the more off road knobbly type. I opted for the Michelin pilot 4’s as a few friends along with all of the reviews I have read say they are really good all year round and in all weathers.
I have only had the steady run home on them so far so riding like a girl will continue for a while yet until they bed in nicely.

I’m off to some friends engagement do shortly when Wifey gets back in from having her hair done, god I am glad I am a bloke a quick shave of the head and face and I am good to go!, so I had to look around wondering what to do with myself for a few hours.

Brian the Discovery caught my eye and I remembered I needed to remove his outer plastic sills to make sure they were ok before welding on a set of tree sliders. I set to with teh task but didn’t get very far at all because as soon as I removed the rear end of the drivers side it was obvious there was going to be some work to do due to the fact the rust dropped out like flour from a bag. The same thing was at the front drivers side with a photocopy on the passenger side.
So new welding wire has been ordered as the last of mine is now rust covered and I am going to have to get some more practice in welding once again as it has been a while since I last practised. I was looking for a new project…looks like I already have one sat on my driveway!

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