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What is your version of a living hell that you just have to go through in life at some point?
Mine showed itself today in spectacular fashion in the form of a nine, yes nine, hour Health and Safety course.

It was that dull even the guy that was supposed to be teaching it out to us looked like he was wondering where his life had gone wrong to end up teaching this stuff over and over again. It didn’t help that he told us the wrong stuff to work on at the start of the lesson on the wrong documents so and hour or so in he wanted to start again….errrr NO! I thought there was going to be a rebellion on the scale that Star Wars would have been proud of! Nope we were not staring again we just put arrows all over our sheets point the right questions to the right answers. Talk about losing the will to live that really is nine hours of my life I will not get back.
Still there was one amusement factor to the day, my boss is working away most of this week and this morning we both walked out to our hire cars because our courses were miles away in opposite directions his was a Fiat Panda and mine turned out to be a sleek black MG6 turbo charged beast.
I wish I had taken a picture of his face because someone had clearly cocked up our orders 🙂

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