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Finally there is hot air in Brian! I don’t need any now of course because it is bloody muggy as hell but when the winter comes I will indeed be a happy fellow with warm and toasty fingers and toes it might even take the edge off of queuing in the rush hour traffic instead of weaving through it on my motorbike but I am sick of winter riding so warm really does sound good.
So when I bought Brian I knew his heater blowers didn’t work, all he had was one of those little plug in heaters that are about much use as a fart in a thunderstorm so the issue did really need to be attacked head on, a little searching on the tinterweb and I came up with a replacement blower unit and I excitedly saw it had arrived when I got home from work today.
After a quick nosh up I headed outside and happily changed the units over switched the blowers to full expecting a tornado of air to hit me in the face and….nothing.

Hmm. There was a clicking noise but nothing else so I started to chase the wiring. All the plugs were in place, I found some extra wiring from Brian’s sea cadet days that is no longer needed and I figured out how to take out the glove box without breaking it but none of this solved the problem in hand. I set to turning the switches on and off and trying to find where the click was coming from.
Turned out to be a broken wire inside a plug toward the top of the main unit so I stripped it back then refitted it and went back to those switches that have sat dormant for so long.

A quick flick and the blowers jumped into life for the first time in my ownership! I checked that it worked in all directions then sat back with a smile in my face. Then I realised that I ad been playing with lights and electrics all week and I hadn’t started Brian in all that time with a battery that is a bit crap anyway. I turned the ignition on again and he only just started with a slow turn of the motor. Just then my eldest daughter turned up so we hopped in and set to for a quick drive to stick some magic juice back into the battery while catching up on the week.

Another job ticked off of the list of what needs to be done..I fitted a jate ring as well and that was an awful job to do and I stopped at one but that’s another story. Luckily I have a friend who needs a blower unit so that will save chucking it back on Ebay…

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