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It’s been a funny old week in the life of Brian. A lot done but it looks like bugger all as usual but hey I know what’s been sorted!
Where to start? Well I will go with trimming back my rear wheel arches because my new 235 85 16’s were rubbing when you went up anything kerb sized or bigger! I took advice on what to do and set to marking up and getting the grinder out trimming from the arch side careful to leave attached the lip that sits inside the wheel arch and followed a line down two inches in from the base of the arch. I then “slid” the cut back along teh rear wing and riveted it into place…

This gives me the clearance I need to stop the wheel catching leaving some support on the rear wing.
It was now the turn of wiring the CB in so I ran a live straight off of the battery and fed it along with the ariel wiring through the bulkhead. I set an earth to the body work and wired in the radio itself which promptly set to blowing every fuse that I put in the in-line holder regardless of what I did…so after some research and advice from those in the know it turned out the radio unit itself was shorting out inside, time to source a cheap replacement. I found one and for the princely sum of £20 I now have a fully installed and working CB in Brian for off roading and green lane days…

Did I tell you all that I had fitted the wheels spacers? I cannot recall and cannot be bothered to read back through so lets just say I fitted some wheel spacers to stop the front wheels from rubbing because the clearance adjusters had seized. Well it turns out that was a bit of a mistake because when I drove it at the weekend the bodywork where it has been welded before started to sing like nothing I have heard before! So the spacers were removed and now I just seem to have a bloody annoying squeeking going on from the drivers side rear suspension like rubber on metal…not annoying at all when driving!
I will live with it for now until either I get used to it or something falls off.
I decided it might be time to fit something in the back to cover the bare metal floor and the only thing I had to hand was some old lino so that’ll do for now until I get the right carpet…

I still need to sort the light bar out properly but little steps at a time….

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