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I have just had to read back through my own blog to see what the last post was about because it has been that sort of crazy busy week with work and life which has left me a tad more confused than normal.
So with that bit of revision done I now know where to carry on with our Brian’s modifications and there have been a couple this week in between the chaos of working stupid long hours but the long lighter nights have given me time which is nice!

I picked up a light bar at the weekend and at eight thirty one evening this week I decided out of the blue that there was more than enough light to work by and that seeing as we live on the main ring road four holes being drilled wouldn’t be too much noise so I set to work getting it on…

Looks good enough to me 🙂 So I then pestered a friend who’s an auto electrician at the Landy club meet to instruct me on how to wire it up. Bless him he was so patient as I stood looking confused then went to get a pen and paper drawing out a dumbass’s description of what to do with a relay when I piped up “I have one of those that came with the Disco” and promptly ran out and got it to proudly show him I understood what he was saying. He grinned at me and confirmed that was the one so all I need to do this weekend is pick up an inline fuse and see if I can fry my cars electrics.
On top of this I ordered myself some new clear indicator lenses which arrived today and I decided to fit after my dinner.
Of course it then started to rain while I was eating my dinner but no dear reader I am no fair weather fixer so I donned my dog walking fleece, much to the dogs excitement then disappointment when it became clear I hadn’t picked up a lead and no walk was in the offering, and braved the warm rain to fit my shiny new lenses…

Now I am sorry if my excitement seems a bit much over a pair of lights seems a bit much but I love the way they look! It changes the whole front end of Brian’s face and even Wifey and my daughters pretended they thought they were great so I cannot be wrong or alone here in my thinking!
The weekends job is to see if I can adjust the front wheels to stop the new wheels rubbing on full lock but for now it’s back to my pint of Hobgoblin…

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