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It didn’t seem real until the street lights went out up until that point it all seemed a bit of a fantasy but now the whole city had gone dark not a light was to be seen anywhere else but the glow that was sitting in front of my fast travelling motorbike.
Luckily I was on the eerily empty ring road at the time so no great panic about hitting anything I shouldn’t do but it was a hell of a shock to the system the blackness of night just coming into being like that I had been in this city for coming on seven years now and didn’t realise how much I had grown accustomed to that perpetual light that had been a part of my life for so long.
I pulled up to a stop in the middle lane and looked around myself in disbelief the light pollution that hid the stars much to the annoyance of any semi serious astronomer was now like so much else a distant memory. The stars above me stood out in a way that I had only ever seen in pictures before and I had thought those digital images were doctored for effect but the sky that spread before me proved that I had thought very wrong.
We were the first city to go dark but I suppose it’s worldwide by now each town and every city plunged into the original darkness of the world, funny how things come back around again given time.
Five days. Five days to change the face of my world that’s all it took…there was no panic no rioting in fact apart from the power going off now you wouldn’t really think anything was that wrong because all of the infrastructure was still in place like the whole country had decided that it was time for a mass holiday and just up and left for a fortnight in the sun.
I shook my head to myself still in some disbelief pushed my left foot down selecting first gear on the bike and headed back off toward my house for no other reason than it was somewhere familiar to try and figure out what the hell to do next.

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