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Just been pottering around on Brian the Discovery wanting to change his steering pump but he doesn’t want to give up his old one so advice is being sought about that.
But I realised as I was staring at him imagining what he will look like with his lift kit that I had not tested the snorkel out yet to see if it works properly…

So I grabbed a thick plastic bag, I had mental images of a supermarket one being sucked into the air box leaving me to break any seals I already put in place, hooked it up and over the top of the snorkel and within a few seconds the engine stalled.
With a smile on my face I removed the bag and Brian fired up again straight away so I now do not have to panic whenever we come across any deep water off roading.
Don’t get me wrong I haven’t changed in myself I am still a Sunday Driver and proud of it but the worry is now gone if I am forced to wade even though I wouldn’t want to!

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