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My other passion is motorbikes and I love em. I love riding them I love looking at them I love listening to them and there is no better way of getting around any city in rush hour.
So imagine my pleasure when I asked my youngest daughter what she wanted to do on her birthday weekend she replied “I want to go to that big bike show”
She meant the MCN Motorbike show in Peterborough and I did not need asking twice! She did bring a friend…and my Wife….so that buggered taking the bike but it didn’t spoil the day because I bought myself a new set of trousers and jacket which are desperately needed because I ride all year round to work and the last lot of my kit have seen better days.

So we spent a pleasant day wandering around the show and trying on bikes for size. The best fun though is letting the sales folk think you have enough money to buy a new shiny bike then telling them after 15 minutes you will be happy to be back in three years to buy one!

Here’s a few pics though it was a great day…

Yes I look like a cock but the bike was nice!

Wifey wants a scooter…I just walked away.

The Kids thought it was great fun too.

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