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Isn’t it amazing what a year can bring to you. I have quit smoking, built a Landy, published a book and the cherry on the cake is having an article I wrote about Mator’s rebuild being published in Land Rover Owners International!

So here’s a big thank you to all of you that have followed my drivelling rambling also for your responses encouragement and general micky taking because without them I wouldn’t have come this far. Mator’s journey is not yet over by any stretch there is still plenty to do on him and the astute among you will see and advert for his sale at the back of LRO but he is not for sale any more. I cannot bring myself to part with him after all of this hard work and now he is actually running well I have got to kinda like driving him without the fear of catastrophic breakdown looming over me.

Thanks again folks and keep your eye out for more updates…

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