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I skimmed over on yesterdays blog the fact that I jumped into a mates Series Landy while he jumped into my Discovery to teach Wifey how to drive off road because let’s face it I would not be much use there being the Sunday driver I am.

So here I was sitting in this 88″ Series with a 200tdi engine conversion wondering how hard the thing was going to hit me once I started going along on leaf springs with no power steering but I did not have too much time to ponder though because as I have said before Wifey is a secret petrol head and she was gone in a flash. So I selected third gear nearly stalled it cursed to myself found first in the typically soupy series gearbox thanking god in my mind that it wasn’t just mine that was like it and shot off like a bullet out of a gun forgetting I was in low range with loads of tdi power to play with!
I instantly by more luck than judgement found second and was away. I bounced around grappling with the steering wheel which seemed determined to either lose itself from my grip or break my hands whichever came first.
As I hit ruts and hills I noticed the old boy was very happy just tanking along as if none of it was there whist I sat snugly in the bucket seat that was stopping me from either going through the windscreen or taking a quick exit out if the drivers door. I was bounced thrown around slammed around and I got out of it twenty minutes later smiling like an idiot from ear to ear proclaiming “I want one like this!”
Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think I could stand a whole day in an 88″ anymore than I could stand a whole day in Mator my 109″ but I do think Mator will be coming along a time or two this year to the more gentle sites we visit for a bit of a play.

Still today was a wet one as you all will know so chores all morning for me until the sun made an appearance this afternoon when I headed out to Brian the Discovery having to change his wheels. The mud tyres are great fun but noisy which I can live with but one of those now has no tread across over a third of it so the old wheels that came on Brian have been sprayed up and refitted until I source a replacement tyre…

The wheels don’t look too bad but I will be happy to see the alloys back on and a nice second hand Insa Dakar has to be sourced cheaply because I still want to put a 2″ lift kit on him so bigger wheels will be in the pipeline in a while anyway.
We really enjoyed our off road day yesterday and a big part of that was because we are finally getting the right kit on board protecting Brian which as I have said before puts my mind at rest. Wifey couldn’t give a monkeys she just like to drive fast or hard off road and if anything breaks she just looks at me shrugs and says “It needs fixing again”

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