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We all now know I am a Sunday driver and the mickey taking has commenced in earnest but hey I can live with it I like my Sunday driving style it doesn’t mess up my scones with cream and jam.
Having said that I am not going to be averse to having a play every now and then so I have been collecting parts here and there to help beef Brian up a bit so I stop worrying about breaking stuff! His latest addition is a nice steering guard to save those bars from being bent to buggery along with a nice sump guard. Both were second hand that’s where the bargains are folks so I bought them sanded them back and got out the old faithful poundland special black spray and the results are pretty good…

That done I just had to “pop” them on which would of course be easy with only three bolts to undo and one extra to add for the steering guard. The sump guard went straight on no worries with just a little persuasion from a large rubber mallet and then it was time to tackle the existing three bolts for the steering guard I decided to start with the largest bolt that ran through the steering arm thingy bit and I am bloody glad I started with that one because it had been sat untouched since its first time being put there when the Disco was being built.
Not to be disheartened by the fact it would not budge at all I went and got the persuading bar which shattered the socket I was using as if was a cheap piece of tat rather that a decent expensive one and I knew then this was going to be trouble.
After losing skin blood and flesh to Mator on his rebuild I have learn’t a lesson and I walked away from Brian at this point knowing I had to give this some thought. My thoughts led me to a friend who has a very good impact gun and with some bribery on my part he let me use it and thank God he did because even with this very expensive powerful tool that I was a little scared of using it took over two hours to get that bolt out of its comfy housing!

Thankfully with that done the rest of the bolts sundered easily and my newly refurbished Steering guard was put into place…

Yep it is a bit mucky in the picture but I could not be bothered to go back around to teh shed and get a rag before taking the picture but you get the idea 🙂 It now has some protection going on so hopefully I wont be such a girl when playing off road!

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