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I tried today I really did but everything seemed to be against me including at the forefront my complete lack of knowledge about the Land Rover Discovery. It will be a steep learning curve to say the least with my Haynes manual in one hand and the advice of my forum and club friends on the laptop in the other.
You see I thought I would just bolt on the wheels I have making the Disco look chunky and off I would go playing but in reality that is not going to be happening but I am getting ahead of myself here so I will back track to this morning where I awoke most of the neighbours up at 07:45 dragging my big jack from the shed at the back of the house to the Landies at the front mimicking the decibel levels of a 747 coming in to land but the old huge jack is just too heavy to carry!

So up went Mator the Series 3 and off came a wheel and up went the Discovery then off came his wheel and I went to swap them over but it was here the problems began…

It was not going to fit! Fancy having non interchangeable tyres eh! Well they could fit if I stick a 2″ lift kit on then trimmed the arches back and changed the bumper sooo I am left with these options as well as just buying a set that would bolt straight on but where would the fun in that be?

The standard wheels went back on and both Land Rovers kept their own boots for now. I did dismantle the cb from Mator had a look at where to fit it in Brian and it soon became apparent that the Discovery is a bit more technical than the Series and all of it is behind moulded plastic. I am going to end up breaking stuff I can just see it! For now the CB resides in the glove box while I get advice from better folk than me on what to do with it!

I was left wondering “what to do now then?” so I had a stab at a couple of the little niggly things that need doing. I fixed the remote central locking with two new batteries as well as securing all of the gubbings properly inside the fob but the heater switches will need replacing as they don’t work the only source of heating is one of those tiny plug in fan things not ideal for demisting!
With nothing more to do I went for a spin putting some fuel in and dropping off some sawdust to an acquaintance for his chickens. Overall it seems ok the ride does seem a little hard but shocks are cheap enough the synchro is worn between first and second gear but its old and done 155,000 miles as long as you put the gear stick in the right place it doesn’t crunch…just quirky. The speedo has a life of its own so that needs to be looked at and the clutch is pretty fierce I look forward to the pleasure of Wifey using that as she has no concept of a gentle gear change!

Overall not too shabby for a £700 motor it wants some work but you have to expect that with any old car thankfully most of these bits will be sorted as I do the work for the off road upgrades so nothing to panic about. I will keep up with the costings on this one as well to show how cheaply a tight arse like me can do this conversion for and if I manage to keep it as cheap as the series 3 I will be a very happy man!

Discovery Project Cost’s

Discovery £700
Remote Batteries £8

Total £708

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