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The big day has arrived so after a hectic morning of getting the motorbike an MOT running chores for Wifey one of which was to collect yoghurt’s on the bike from a superstore seven miles from my house then trying to get them back without breaking them in a top box that wobbles at the same rpm as the bike which much to my surprise I did then posting some nonsense and getting fuel it was time to go and collect Brian the Discovery.

Thankfully the chap I have bought it off of offered to come and get me so after a quick brew we were all set for the off. A quick trip to the petrol station for fuel and we were soon there.
Now this Disco has been sat all week by it’s lonesome but it fired up straight away no problem at all and I set off to get it home so I could start it’s deep clean because it was used mainly it would seem as transport for the fellas rather large dog on walking trips which I knew about before buying but it was going to take some cleaning before Wifey or the girls would get in it…thinking about it I missed out on an opportunity there to get some peaceful me driving time bugger.

What do you expect from a 1993 Discovery? well I bought this with my eyes wide open to use for off roading and a bit of a commute to work in the winter so I knew it was a little dented a bit more faded and plenty scratched up in other words exactly what I would expect from a twenty odd year old work horse but I got stuck in hoovering up hair dust mud and other wonderful things you find long forgotten under car seats. I washed and scrubbed the outside of it then dug out the old faithful bottle of T-Cut to see if I could bring the paintwork up from it’s dull scratched state to something a bit shiny…I could not.

I put it on wiped it off and the old boy did not look so dull but it soon became obvious that it was never going to be shiny again but really why I thought it would be is beyond me.
So after several hours of cleaning it feels better it certainly smells better and it even looks a little better in fact in the following photo it even looks shiny somehow but it really is a trick of the light…

Next step is fitting the mud wheels off of Mator as I am going to get him a set of 7.50’s if I find them at the right price put onto his series rims. Then it will be the CB and arial along with kitting out the boot with the off roading bits I need to take with me for my first time actually driving off road!

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