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For those that have followed me before you know I have spent the best part of a year rebuilding an old Series 3 Military FFR Land Rover using what was my cigarette money and trying to show you could still put an old Landy back on the road at a reasonable price. I smugly proved this surprising myself both in the achievement and the fact I can use a set of spanners without causing myself too much damage as well as following the excellent advice given to me from several different online forums fixing things I never thought I would be able to.
The problem now that project is finished is that I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the finished product I loved building it but I hate the idea of now breaking it by using it off road and if I am honest I don’t enjoy driving it very far local journeys are fine but bone shaking noisy long journeys fill me full of dread along with the cost of taking the very inefficient two and a quarter petrol engine further than a twenty mile radius requiring a small mortgage to do so just doesn’t appeal. On the other hand I couldn’t sell it so what am I to do about playing off road with the Nottingham Land Rover club that I have been looking forward to doing for the last year?

I have found the solution which I could justify to my ever suffering Wife by solving two problems in one hit. The first is obviously playing off road which Wifey is looking forward to as well because secretly she is a bit of an petrol head for such things and the second is being the fact that I commute all year round to work on my motorbike but the winters are getting a bit much with sliding around along with our anticipated move to Derbyshire next year I will need something to drive to and from work in the winter months so I have gone out and bought “us” a bog standard Discovery…

This will be fun off road and ideal for commuting in the winter as well. It does mean the old Series 3 will only be used very occasionally but seeing as I would have smoked the money it cost to rebuild I am not too fussed about that I will even store it for a while if and when I find somewhere to do that.
The Discovery named of course “Brian” will not be standard for too long. It needs to be modded enough for some good off road fun but not so much as it becomes a chore to commute in.

Yes yes it does say Sea Rover on the front this is because it was used by the sea cadets in Lincolnshire for years but thankfully didn’t spend a great deal of time anywhere near the sea! All major welding has already been done so no worries there and it is a good base for what I want to do.
So folks the say Land Rovers are addictive and they are not wrong because in the space of twelve months I am up to two and my eldest daughter is making noises about wanting one when she passes her test because they are “cool” or whatever word they use for that meaning now she said.
Watch this space changes are coming….

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