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still jet lagged on the last morning but I suppose this was a good
thing I thought to myself it will make it easier to drop back into
the UK time zone later today. I looked across at the clock on the
bedside table again it read 05:30. I was in no rush to get up though
we were getting the red eye home and didn’t have to be out of the
hotel room until 12 noon so no point in just getting out of the room
too quickly Wifey just wanted to go shopping again anyway.

no good trying to lie there doing nothing so I got up and looked out
of the window to see some snow starting to fall onto a soaking wet
city so I wasn’t worried. Breakfast again at the Deli two doors down
I still cannot recommend these places enough they have good food at
great prices but as I walked out of it I came face on into a freezing
blizzard. In the space of about ten minutes getting our breakfast
sorted the temperature outside had plummeted and the snow had arrived
with a vengeance.

hung around in our room for a few hours relaxing and reading but by
11 am we had had enough and went to check out and do more last minute
shopping along with a nice lunch before we would need to head to the
airport. The snow was still coming down blizzard style so much so it
was hard to see where you were walking and no matter what direction
you faced you still seemed to be head on into the storm. We decided
it might be a good idea to head to the airport a bit earlier so
booked the cab for an hour before we were going to leave before we
were assured it would be with us by 2pm.

giving up on shopping (shame that) Wifey and I headed back into the
hotel to find the receptionist happy to see us “finally” because
our taxi driver was here already. It was only 1:20pm but the taxi
driver told us the interstates were already bad so best to leave now.
She wasn’t joking! Do you recall how much I hated the terror of the
drive into the city? Well we were now doing that drive in a blizzard
with four inches of snow on the roads whilst the taxi driver was
sending text messages and drifting across two lanes at a time!!! In
all fairness she got us to the airport in really good time through
good luck near misses several back end slides but in one piece
complete with our luggage and me needing a change of pants.

were allowed to check in early as the flight was still scheduled to
leave on time despite the by now howling gale that was going on
outside but we made it through security got some more food then
settled in for the bit of a wait before the flight left…in short we
were now the airlines problem should anything go wrong because of the

looked outside the storm was still howling but I could just see the
airplanes taking off and landing on the runway which was astounding
seeing as any airport in Britain shuts down after an inch of snow has
fallen. A couple of ploughs cleared our stand ready for the plane to
arrive but the snow was falling so heavily it was covered again
within minutes along with all of the hard standing I could see they
were literally clearing the road in front of planes as they were
leaving but leaving they were…

plane arrived on time and we boarded it settled in for the night
flight back and pushed off of the stand where we joined a queue
taxiing for the runway. Snow fall had calmed but the temperature had
dropped quickly again freezing what was on the ground. They had to
plough the runway along with doing whatever they do to defrost it. I
presume they must have gritted it like on a normal road but I really
have no idea what they do with a runway because of the jet engine

of this took a couple of hours and as we taxied forward for our turn
there were a couple of trucks on the end of the runway de-icing each
plane before take off, we had sat long enough for the wings and flaps
to freeze up! Man it must have been cold out there.

lined up on the runway accelerated not quite as hard as usual it
seemed but the plane left the ground with no issues much to the
relief of those on board including myself. There seemed to be a
collective sigh as we climbed up through the turbulence of the storm
that had hit a great area of America over the day dumping enough
inches of snow to grind the UK to a halt for days on end. It’s
amazing how the airports state side are geared up so much better for
admittedly much worse winters we could learn a thing or two about
keeping our infrastructure moving from them.

does not travel well but mercifully I managed to get to sleep quickly
much to her annoyance as she tossed and turned in her seat. She has
since admitted to me that after a couple of hours in flight she
started to feel most unwell in her stomach with rather a large build
up of gas. She held it in while almost everyone else fell asleep
then her words not mine “quietly let it all out” Apparently the
stench was overpowering she said I stirred from my slumber wrinkling
up my nose then covering it as I dropped off again and people in the
surrounding seats started to cough and mutter thing s like “for
god’s sake” “has someone shit themselves?” and “couldn’t they
go to the bathroom and do it” Wifey at this point now releaved of
her stomach ache and being one who revels in all toilet based humour
was trying not to laugh out loud causing tears to roll down her face
and now hurting her stomach again from laughter body shakes causing
more wind to escape much to the detriment of the other passengers.

glad I was asleep through this because in my minds eye I can see it
all to clearly having been in these situations with my wife before
and if she saw the look on my face she would have been ten times
worse and undoubtedly have blamed me for the smell…again.

nice sleep was soon interrupted anyway with the stewardess coming
around with breakfast for us all only a few hours after dinner due to
the time difference I don’t think many took her up on the offer! We
landed on time with no fuss collected our bags and headed home it was
nice to have a proper cup of tea when we got there too.

I have been giving New York a bit of a bashing here and the folk that
we met who lived there so I need to put a couple of things straight
not apologise for what I have said thus far because I have meant it
but to point out a couple of things to put it all in perspective.
New York has some fantastic tourist stuff going on and overall I have
enjoyed those no end it truly is a place you need to mark off of your
bucket list and if you have never been to America before start there
because it is everything you expect America to be from what you have
seen on TV and in the movies.

is a city though and in general every city I have been to folk are
less forthcoming to be friendly yes it’s a generalisation but one I
make from experience and from living in one myself. Folk in London
are grumpy buggers Leeds is the same along with where I live now in
Nottingham. You say hello to someone on the street and they look at
you like you are going to mug them or just point blank ignore you.

idea of American cities is also tainted because I have been to others
before New York and like in any modern city in the world they all
have much of the sameness about them. American cities are built in
blocks easy to navigate but all to me seem to be from the same

have family in the southern states of America and I love going over
there the folk are friendly people say Hi in the street there’s lots
of space and the pace of life is so much slower. I don’t know why
but I foolishly expected people to be like that in New York in my
head forgetting it is a huge City.

to round up if you have not been to New York do it save up lots of
pennies go and have a look around it’s worth a visit. There’s plenty
to do but go when it’s warmer I am sorry I missed out on Central Park
I was looking forward to it but I doubt I will ever be back there now
there is just too much else in the world to go and see without repeat
performances of the same place. Take in a show on Broadway this is a
must even for a chap like me who doesn’t usually bother with musicals
in any form.

I will say bring lots of money I have gone on about the price of
things but I knew they were going to be high and brought more than
enough to cover us for our trip. For us yes Wifey and I four days
was more than enough in fact we both would have preferred an early
morning flight home not because of the storm that rolled in on us on
our final day but because we had done all we wanted to do and it felt
like we were just waiting for the day to pass for us to leave. If
you want a packed trip aim for that don’t waste a minute and bear in
mind we did all of this walking around not once getting a tube or bus
but we do like walking and we did cover some mileage there.

New York is on your bucket list do it I am glad we did we have
brought home some funny memories.

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