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Yesterday morning started the same as any other work day with me letting the hens out having breakfast then gearing up for the ride to work. As I tried to start the bike it turned over for a fair few seconds before firing up which in itself was a bit odd because it normally starts first turn of the but I did a mental shrug put it into first and drove off of my driveway.

I accelerated up a couple of gears and started to filter through the standing traffic when all of a sudden smoke started to billow out of the bike all around me. I can honestly say I have never before got a bike from between two lanes of standing traffic onto the pathway whilst getting off of it and simultaneously shamelessly running away from it in case it really went up!

Luckily for me my privates were not scorched and the smoke soon died down so with no signs of flames I gingerly started walking back to it and noticed the unmistakable smell of wiring burning.


So I pushed it home luckily only about a quarter of a mile and took Wifeys car to work leaving the investigation into the obviously many issues until this morning. I got up early to strip it down because typically I had just paid out for another years insurance to start on Monday and if the bike was toast I would need to cancel it before it began. It was a mess in there the main loom was done along with both coils the ignition barrel the alternator wiring looked bad in short this was not going to be a quick fix. I had a search through the box of bits I kept back from stripping the old bike down luckily finding all of the bits I would need.

The bike looked like this…

God I hate Spag Bol electrics they really are not my strong point but as it didn’t look like anyone was going to surprise me by turning up out of the blue to do it for me I cracked on. Sausage sized fingers slowed the job but as I removed the old loom I set the new one in place behind it in the idiot proof way of not getting the wires in the wrong place. The coils went on but I hit a problem with the ignition barrel it was held in place by two nuts that are of course only able to be removed with some special tool I do not have. Not to be put off at the last hurdle I just strapped the new barrel next to the old which looks stupid but works and if I could get it running and to work I know a chap that hopefully will have the right bit of kit.

With the battery wired up I checked feeds which all looked good then refitted the fuel tank and cranked it over…much to my surprise it fired straight up and ran sweet as a nut! All lights worked as they should along with indicators and the battery was charging just fine. Well bugger me I had fixed it!

This was indeed good news because I am skint and really didn’t need the cost of paying for another bike! So the moral of the story is if your bike starts smoking get off quick to save on roasted chestnuts and if an ape like me can rewire a bike anyone and I mean anyone should give it a go!

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