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early start but we were not going to fight it there was still plenty
to do and see in the city so we started with another quick run to the
deli for breakfast where we made a discovery of what can only be
described as a plastic glass of yoghurt that had granola and fresh
fruit in it. It was superb and healthy to boot which for e is a
rarity on the food front. The local news channel was warning of a
major snow storm that was due to hit overnight into the next day just
when we were supposed to be heading home h=oh well we could worry
about it then. American news isn’t really like news at all , not
that the BBC news is much better these days, it comes in fifteen
second snippets delivered at light speed to whoever is watching on a
fifteen minute loop just what you need I suppose to fit into your
busy lives. As long as you don’t want any substance you are good to

we were heading up north away from Times Square and true to our
fashion we decided to walk it all again rather than jump on the
subway and miss seeing the city itself. It was cold though really
cold and it soon started raining but hell we didn’t care we were
wrapped up warm and waterproof stomping our way through the blocks.

giggled like the kid she is toilet humour wise as we passed Trump
Towers taking a photo for her friends asking “Is that where we go
to do our trumps here?” another photo of Tiffany’s which was
thankfully closed and saved me an hour in time along with a wedge of
cash then Central Park loomed up in the distance. We wanted to walk
through Central Park to get to the Natural History Museum but it soon
became apparent that was not going to happen as the whole place was
still covered in snow and thick frozen ice on the pathways that were
impossible to walk on. Liking our bones the shape they are our walk
was diverted to skirt around the outside of the park and I am glad it
was because this itself was icy enough feeling like a trek into the
Arctic itself.

Park is massive and I am disappointed didn’t get the chance to
explore it properly but with the weather against us what can you do?
We made it to the Natural History Museum with slightly aching legs
from the last couple of days mileage on them. I’m glad we didn’t
rush because it was still closed and there was quite a queue waiting
to get in but we were not left out in the cold for long. Grumpy
security guards shouted at everyone to go through the rotating doors
where soon after we had our bags searched and sent through a metal
detector this was a theme at every tourist building we went to and we
were becoming quite used to it now. Then it was time to queue again
to pay to go and have a good look around.

some strange reason the cashier lady who took our money to get in did
not smile when I asked if we could stay until night time to watch all
the exhibits come alive she just scowled at me and said NO. I bet
she hadn’t heard that line before from anyone else referring to all
of the Night at the museum films. SO we wandered around looking for
dinosaurs which we found (I love Dinosaurs) then meandered some more
looking at the other stuff. Now while there is a lot there to look
at a great deal of it is very dated and I have to admit to being a
little disappointed overall especially as some of the newer stuff
cost “extra” to play in but it killed a couple of hours and it’s
one of those iconic places you must go and have a nose around so I am

headed back to Times square to frequent one of the many eateries on
route it started raining then never let up up for the rest of the day
but hey ho you only get wet once and it was washing the snow away as
for the predicted snow fall if the temperature was rising as fast as
it was and raining to boot I had a sneaky feeling the weather folk
over in America were not much better than ours so I was not concerned
about snow at all.

leisurely lunch in The Olive Garden which did do good food at very
reasonable prices compared to some of the other places we had visited
went down well and we set off heading West along 47th
Street toward The Intrepid museum and that good folks needs an update
all of it’s own…

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