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back over the last couple of entries it may have come across that I
am a bit of a miserable sod and although this may be true at times it
is not the norm for me but I had been in a lot of pain for 20 plus
hours and I admit my temper was a bit on the short side. After a
good six hours sleep though my body felt better I felt refreshed and
surprisingly Wifey was in a good mood even though she had not got her
normal ten hours sleep overnight must have been because e were on

managed to stay in bed until 5am but gave up then and got up. I set
of fin search of tea, how British of me, because the Yanks don’t have
tea facilities in the bedrooms for some strange reason or maybe its
us Brits that are odd…who am I kidding it’s them the weirdo’s tea
should be available everywhere!

before I go on I forgot one thing from the first night when Wifey and
I got back to the Hotel we decided on a quick nightcap as we
sometimes do at home and walked into the hotel bar where I ordered a
vodka and coke along with a disarrano and coke. The barman filled
and I mean filled the glasses with ice stuck a shot in each then
added a dribble of coke around the icebergs pushed them towards me
and said “that’s $24 please” $24 BLOODY DOLLARS FOR TWO
DRINKS!!! After asking him where the rest of the bottles were for
that price I handed him exactly $24 and the look of disgust on his
face at the lack of tip was priceless but there was no way I was
paying anymore for the smallest shots most expensive shots in

to the morning and the tea hunt was on. Turns out all you could get
in the hotel was expensive booze but I Was directed to a 24 hour Deli
a couple of doors down where I could get a cup. Deli’s are superb
places they look like newsagents from the outside but when you walk
in they are full of loads of hot and cold food at normal prices along
with every hot drink you can think of. Two large cups of tea and
breakfast cobs later sold to me at the grand sum of $16 I went back
to our room like a superb hunter with a kill.

like to walk and what better place to do it than a city on an island
set out in a grid pattern with everything within an hour and fifteen
minutes of where you are staying. Being the first full day Wifey had
planned a busy one so we set off walking about half past six heading
south down towards Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty. It was
still very cold but we walked at a good pace taking in the city as we
went passing block after block on quiet side walks so is New York the
city that never sleeps?…no no it’s not.

do you get lost in a grid system of a city it should be impossible
but we were busy looking around and branched off at some point into
NYC University which was nice to walk through but when we hit the
other side of the campus we were a few blocks off of where we were
supposed to be so I asked a UPS delivery chap where Broadway was as
we were walking to Battery park to which he replied with a shocked
look on his face “You are walking!?!” yes yes we are I explained
as he tried to direct us to a tube station but after I explained we
had already walked from Times Square he nearly fell over pointed us
in the right direction saying it was three blocks over and twenty
blocks or so down. He walked away shaking his head muttering “crazy
Brits” We giggled to ourselves shaking our heads muttering “Lazy

half an hour of walking later we came across a rather large bronze
bull with the biggest pair of nuts I have ever seen on one! Not that
I go out of my way looking at bull’s nuts but you know the odd time
out walking you come across a herd with a bull in it normally doing
the business with it’s cows nuts swinging free in the air…jesus
wept I am digging the hole deeper here lets just say the bronze bull
had an impressive under carriage.

couple of pictures later we got to Battery park which was frozen up
and under all sorts of construction so we jumped straight onto the
ferry to Staten Island which is free (nice!) and you can see the
Statue of Liberty clearly. In the films this grand old monument is
of epic proportions standing tall and proud representing the liberty
that America is built upon. In real life it looks like a short arse.
It is small so small I wondered if we had come to the right place so
with no embarrassment I asked a lady American on the boat if it was
the real one to which SHE replied “Yep that’s it you are not the
first to be disappointed” she wasn’t wrong and I was very happy
that I had not paid for a private boat trip tour but I did find out
later you can get a helicopter ride around it for a good price…wish
I had known I’ve always wanted to go in a helicopter…it’s now on
the bucket list.

a quick turnaround that involved us getting off of the ferry walking
around in a big circle and getting back on it again we headed back
into Manhattan.

stop was Ground Zero just a short walk from the ferry port and I
would like to say here and now what a fantastic memorial the American
Nation has put together for those who lost their lives there. It is
simple elegant and peaceful. Two waterfalls over dark marble that
covers the exact foot print of each tower and is inscribed with the
names of those that will never go home again. Simple tree lined
walks between the falls kept clean and tidy so the folk that visit
there have the ideal environment to pay their respects and remember
loved ones. I really take my hat off to the people that designed it
built it and those that now look after it. Fitting is an
understatement and poignant is somehow not enough.

for coffee which is no problem anywhere in the states then the walk
back up toward Times Square being dragged into “must see” shops
because we were there yawn at least they had free wifi to amuse me
with while Wifey ran around like a kid at Christmas. These sort of
shops should have a grown up crib type place where us chaps could be
left while our women shop away all they would need in them are comfy
chairs wifi tea/coffee and maybe a few games consol’s for the younger
ones and some good books for us older farts.

enough we hit Times Square again where we bought tickets for that
evenings performance of Phantom of the Opera (the day went downhill
fast for me here) and grabbed some food kissing goodbye to a few
hundred more dollars. The evenings show was actually good I didn’t
enjoy the shouty bits when they whole cast wanted to sing a different
song louder than the person stood next to them but overall it was
much better than I ever thought it would be but most importantly
Wifey being a musical nut job was in her element watching Phantom for
the first time in a theatre on Broadway this alone made me smile.

it was off to bed as we were shattered from jet lag and the days
walking. It was about 10:30pm and we were up again at 05:00 Damn our
messed up body clocks…

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