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stayed at The Edison Hotel on 47th Street just off of
Times Square so nice and central. The hotel itself is an Art Deco
type 1940’s style place that looks grand in the foyer but the
hallways on each floor were pretty dated and worn but clean. The
rooms were clean with good beds along with the tiniest onsuite
bathroom I have ever seen! Remember that IBS issue I spoke of
earlier well it lasted a couple of days and I banged my head on the
sink while sitting onto the throne more than once so small yes

that it mattered much we were only going to be sleeping there so jet
lagged to hell and it only being the early afternoon local time
instead of bedtime on our body clocks we headed out into the city.

had been planning this trip for a few months now and I am pretty sure
she had walked most of the city already via google earth so there she
was with an itinerary for the few days we were going to be there and
I got promptly dragged off towards the Rockafella Centre via Times
Square. Everything was going to be via Times Square as we were
staying there but it looked like it did on the TV just smaller
smellier noisier and full of people who wanted to flog you something
every six feet. I have to admit I put on my growly mean bastard face
which put off all but the most determined who got barked at by me for
their persistence.

it was cold. Not just a bit nippy but hat scarf gloves and big
bloody coat freezing with snow on the ground cold. I was feeling
rough my arse kept twitching although by now I had nothing left to
give on that front I was grumpy inside but I knew that I had to pull
it together and not spoil this bucket list trip of ours.

carried on through New York’s iconic streets that were spoiled to me
because I have been to other American cities before and they looked
exactly the same as this one toward The Rockafella. It was ok a nice
ice rink some shops some more shops Policemen on every corner of it
but we wanted to see the city from on high so we bought tickets for
7pm to see it at night and went to find some food.

asked a copper where the best place to get some meaty food from was
and he looked at me like I was stupid saying “there’s a burger
joint a few blocks over” I replied “We were looking for something
meaty not a burger but you know steak ribs something like that” he
replied with a look of are you stupid on his face and said again
“there’s a burger place a few blocks over” No name of the burger
place a few blocks over or any acknowledgement I had said something
different. Either there was a glitch in the Matrix or he was an
ignorant pig…I decided on the latter and walked away before I said
something I regretted.

decided to walk around for a few blocks to see what we could find and
ran straight into St Patricks Church which looks like the Cathedral
in Santiago de Compestella. We like old buildings and wandered
straight in but as nice as the place was it was missing something the
original has and that for a start is age. This place was a hundred
or so years old but nice enough undergoing renovation even though
it’s a baby in Church terms. Each chapel within was set out nicely
quietly trying to mug you for cash instead of shouting at you to get
it. Overall worth a visit if you have half an hour to kill.

now rumbling like mad letting us know that if we were not going to be
sleeping like we should be we needed to add fuel into the equation we
set off looking for something meaty to eat without wandering too far
from our appointment with the sky deck at the Rockafella. We could
find bugger all for a few blocks apart from TGI Fridays…I don’t
want to eat that slop here let alone there so we went back to the
Rockafella and found a small diner type place under it and bought
some grub there. Steak chicken cold fries served up in a plastic
container and only $50 for the two of us…nice. Wifey told me to
stop moaning about prices it was a city and it would cat a lot to eat
which we knew before leaving home didn’t make it any easier though.

it was time to go up to the sky deck bit or so I thought until the
dreadfully helpful miserable git of a bloke guarding the lift rudely
and I do mean rude in the way you want to smash someone in the face
for talking to you like that informed us we were five minutes early
and would have to wait which we started to do to be told “Somewhere
else”. New York and I were not getting off to a very good start.

five minute lap of the shops and we were back at the lift that had no
queue to see the happy I want to smack him in the face chap who
opened the doors for us slimly said “have a nice day” and off up
to the top floor we went.

view was expensive I mean impressive. You could indeed see the whole
of the city from up there through big sheets of plastic so no one
could decide to end their days there. I can think of better ways of
doing it myself than a voluntary 70 floor dive but hey there must be
a problem to have to put that stuff up in the first place. I thought
maybe it was health and safety issues but after seeing how the
workmen around the city were doing stuff over the next couple of days
I am pretty sure they don’t have the H&E stuff like we have to
comply with here. Anyway the view really was superb the sun had gone
down and night had drawn in leaving breathtaking views on all four

New York looked amazing. But it was cold on the ground so
with the wind on the 70th floor it was frostbite bitter
and after twenty minute we were done and heading back to the hotel
trying to keep our eyes open and legs moving. Soon enough we were
collapsed face down in our bed and snoring the extra long day away.
It was 10pm local time.

were awake at 4am don’t you just love jet lag!

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