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I have been a bit quiet of late I know but I do have a good excuse and a letter from my Mum so if you have the time I will tell you why.

You know how you get bored with work think the grass is greener on the other side and wish you could be there. That feeling that life is passing you by and how the hell did you end up doing what you are doing for a living even though the money is good well thats where I have been for a few months now but I have enough about me to know which side my bread is buttered so I started to look around seriously for another job when out of the blue an advert went up at work looking for another Driver trainer to be added to their team so I jumped at it and applied. Whether or not I would make an arse of myself I didn’t know but I was invited much to my surprise to interview that would include a ten minute presentation by me about anything I wanted as long as it was within the transport industry remit.

Well this had opened a can of worms hadn’t it I mean the last time I had looked at Powerpoint was donkeys years back and now I had to make one up from scratch with “updated” software that I had no idea what most of it did but I got stuck in and after two long weekend days had a presentation put together which left me to practice it making sure I sounded like I knew what I was on about without tripping over my tongue letting my lisp and stutter return like a steam train crashing through the end of the tracks.

“Sod it” I thought I will test it out on the family so the poor buggers had to endure me babbling spitting lisping and stuttering my way through my creation…twice…then twice more until I had it down pat. A couple of showers later for them to rinse away the spittle and I thought “I might be ok at this” I put it to bed until the interview the next day.

The interview went well there were only a couple of folk grilling me and it was soon time to get my presentation going and it was at this point the main interviewer went off and got the head honcho of the contract to sit in and watch. I mean talk about sending your nerves up through all of the notches no pressure eh!! Somehow I got through it sounding bloody stupid on the inside of my head but portraying a calm confident figure to all present who all gave me good feedback. I made it through the first hurdle to the second a few days later much to my surprise which was an extended driving assessment which included a talking drive from me saying all I could see and was doing…me doing that whilst nervous trying to control my Artic trying not to lisp stutter or give the assessor a shower in my spit…well it went ok despite my nerves and I even managed to answer the questions he threw at me when I didn’t need to be talking correctly! Turns out we were down to three candidates and they will be seeing the final one next week so we will all be informed by Friday who has got the job.

The reason I really wanted it was because it’s a good sideways move with extensive training paid for by the company that you get to keep of course it’s a direction I had been considering but put on the back burner due to the costs involved so an opportunity like this doesn’t come up very often. Hell I have given it my best shot so what will be will be eh 😉

Anyways folks you don’t want to hear anymore on that you want to know what I have done to the Landy and I have managed to have a couple of nice days on different bits and bobs which has been relaxing and bloody enjoyable to boot I do like to have a tinker!

Wednesday night was meeting at the pub night with Notts Landy Club also the first time I had the chance to show Mator off to them so I rushed home from work dumped the bike jumped in the Landy and shot straight up there. Folk liked him with oohhs and ahhs but they would wouldn’t they after all they are all Land Rover nuts but I did notice the steering was a bit tight not just heavy then with a bit of a realisation I realised I had not checked any of the steering fluid in both the boxes so that was the first job to do on Friday afternoon as well as trying to figure out why the dashboard lights didn’t work as well.

It rained hard on the way home though and in about fifteen seconds in true landy fashion I could not see bugger all out of the windows for steam so that coupled with the spare wheel cover I had fitted to the wheel on the bonnet opening like a parachute I drove home using the power of the force more than any of my own senses.

Friday afternoon arrived I checked the steering fluid which was all good the stiffness wasn’t that bad and has loosened up since so it was probably more in my mind than anything else after a long day driving a truck but the dash lights were next…

Front off again and time to trace spaghetti which I promptly lost somewhere behind the dashboard but found the other end behind the convoy light switch where it was supposed to be but it has at some point been cut off and taped up. I put the dash back together thought “sod it” and left it be for now. I will put it on the list for a summer dry day job I am not pulling the whole dash out looking for some squaddies bodge in the cold and wet!

This morning I got to take the longest drive in the old boy yet and I have to admit after hating it before the old boy is now growing on me partly to the fact he runs right now has not over heated spat his dummy out in a big way or caught fire. We went to collect a set of series wheels because after getting rid of the ones that came with it I decided that was a mistake and I want a set for back up in case I buy the Discovery I have been threatening to do which I would use Mators wheels on and fit some 7.50 16s back onto him like he should have.

The wheels were not bad…

But a quick coat of NATO green put them back where they needed to be…

No rush to find the tyres they will come along when they are ready at the right money.
Now what to do it was only lunchtime so I decided to see if I could mess up the Zenith carb rebuild I had planned to create me a spare.

I grabbed the carb the rebuild kit thought “how hard can it be?” and set to. I surprised myself if you havn’t rebuilt a carb because yo thought it might be too hard I strongly suggest you give it a bash because in under two hours I had mine stripped cleaned out and rebuilt. It’s nice to have a spare as back up incase my cheapy copy gives up the ghost!

That’s it folks we are up to date next job will be sorting out the rear interior after I have been off road next Saturday for the first time in him next week. That should be a good update!

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