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I sit here exhausted which is a bit odd as it’s only Tuesday but my eye lids are heavy and I am fighting off the sleep that wants to take me into it’s sweet depths of rest and relaxation…”now why would he do that” I hear you ask and the answer is simple one that core of the problem is if I drop off into the land on nod now I will be wide awake by 4am which is a good two hours before I need to be.

I am odd a bit strange in the way that my sleep seems to fall these days because I only sleep for six hours…like clockwork and it is driving me nuts! Gone are the days of waking up rested after a nice lie in no my body will do six hours now and that’s my lot regular as clock work. Maybe its worried it’s running out of time or maybe it’s just a bloody stupid habit it has got into but hell it drives me mad!

Best go and put the kettle on for a brew I suppose to drag myself out for a couple more hours.

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